No one will tell these secret The Haji Ali Dargah

No one will tell these secret The Haji Ali Dargah

Whether God exists or not remains a controversial issue, but often we get to see many miracles of God in our world. Today we will tell you about our very famous ‘Haji Ali Dargah’ located in Mumbai in this post. A wonderful feature of this dargah is that it never sinks in the sea even though it is situated in the middle of the sea.

This dargah, known as Haji Ali Haji  in Mumbai, is famous all over the world for the miracles that occur here. There is no bond of religion in this dargah, and people from all over the world keep coming here to overcome their sufferings.

This famous dargah is of ‘Haji Ali Sahab Bukhari’. It is believed that if a devotee here asks for anything from the true mind, then his wishes are fulfilled. The Haji Ali Dargah was built on the banks of the seaside in Worli, Mumbai in the 15th century. The special thing of this dargah is that it remains in the sea about 500 yards away from the land. To reach this ‘Haji Ali Dargah’ , people have to go through long paths on the sea. The road is surrounded by the sea on both sides and often there are tides (waves) coming in the sea, due to which this bridge is closed.

The most special thing about Haji Ali Dargah is that not a single drop of sea water ascended during the tidal wave in the sea. Due to which the view here becomes even more beautiful. When the tide comes in the sea, the bridges built in front of this dargah are completely submerged in water, and this dargah appears to be floating in the middle of the sea.

It is said that ‘Pir Haji Ali Sahab’ did not marry. And what has come to know about them is revealed by the stories of the trustees of this dargah and the people here. When ‘Pir Haji Ali’ first came out of his house to do business with his mother’s permission, he came to live in Worli area of ​​Mumbai. While living here, he realized that he would now spend his life here preaching his religion. Because of which he wrote a letter to his mother informing her about it. At the same time, he distributed his entire wealth to the needy and then started propagating his religion.

Baba Haji Ali ‘After donating all the things of his physical life to the people, he first went on Hajj’s journey, but he died during this journey. It is believed that Haji Ali’s last wish was not to bury him, but to put his grave in the sea. For this reason, his coffin stopped at this place of Mumbai via Arabian Sea. More surprising is that the coffin of ‘Haji Ali’, floating so far in the sea, floated on the water without submerging in the ocean, and did not go even a single drop of water inside that coffin. Haji Ali’s coffin, traveling a long distance, collided with a stone on the seashore in Worli, Mumbai and stayed there. After this, ‘Haji Ali Dargah’  was built in his memory in 1431 at this place. Gradually, people from all over the world came to know about this dargah and started coming here to relieve their sorrows.

Friends believe that even today, due to the help of ‘Haji Ali Shah Bukhari’ during the tide of the sea, the sea does not break its scope.

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