Nicholas Chachescu: Alcoholic dictator 20 times a day

Nicholas Chachescu: Alcoholic dictator 20 times a day
Nicolas Chachescu

Although there have been many dictators in the world, but none like Nicolas Chachescu. It is said that in the 60s-70s, Chachescu also kept his intelligence police under surveillance of common people, to know what people are doing in their personal lives.

In the time of Chachescu, an intelligence agent used to keep an eye on people sitting in the park. People did not know about it, so he used to see people with the help of a hole in the newspaper. People in Romania lived under the shadow of fear even 10 years after the death of Chachescu. He was also afraid of his shadow and while walking on the road, he repeatedly looked back and saw if any detective was following him.

People in Romania knew Chachescu by the name of ‘Kandukedar‘, which meant ‘leader’, while his wife Alina was given the title of the nation’s mother of Romania. It is said that the dictatorship had become such that when there was a football match between two teams, Elina used to decide which team would win and whether the match would be broadcast on TV or not.

Chachescu banned abortion all over the country and the motive behind it was to increase the population of Romania, so that it could make its country a world power. Although he did not ban divorce, it made it so difficult that people could not divorce. Chachescu had such a ‘cleanliness’ disease that he used to wash his hands 20-20 times a day and that too with alcohol. Actually, he was afraid that he might get infection.

The problem of this ‘hand washing’ illness was that when he went to Britain in 1979 to meet Queen Elizabeth, he used to wash his hands with alcohol after shaking hands with every person. Even in his bathroom, a bottle of liquor was kept for washing hands only.

The dictatorship of Chachescu had increased so much that in Romania people did not even get food, but fruits and vegetables and meat were exported to other countries. Later, people raised their voices against this dictatorship and revolted everywhere.

The result was that Chachescu and his wife were arrested on 25 December 1989 and the court sentenced them both to death, after which Chachescu and Alina were shot and put to death forever. With this, the dictatorship of Nicolay Chachescu came to an end.

Nicholas Chachescu

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