Nalanda University-The History of the oldest University In India’s

Nalanda University-The History of the oldest University In India’s
Nalanda University

India has always been famous for its antiquity and amazing knowledge. People from abroad used to come to India to study and went on to acquire excellent knowledge. The knowledge that this country of gold has given to the world has rarely been received from any other country.

Today we are talking about the oldest university in India which was almost 3000 years old and where students and teachers used to come here from Korea, Japan, China, Tibet and Turkey. The name of this university was Nalanda University, which was the largest center of learning in India at that time.
Friends, you will be surprised to know that there were 10 thousand students, 2 thousand teachers.

Nalanda University History
Hindustan was called gold bird in the sixth century. Hearing this, Muslim invaders used to come here. One of them was the ruler of Turkey, Ikhtiaruddin Muhammad bin Bakhtiar Khilji. At that time, Khilji ruled India. Nalanda University was then a suburb of Rajgir. It is located on the road connecting Rajgir to Patna. Most of the students studying here were foreigners. At that time, 10 thousand students used to study here, whom 2 thousand teachers used to guide.

In this university of Mahayana Buddhism, along with Hinayana Buddhism, other religions were also taught. Renowned Chinese traveler Xuanzang was also educated here throughout the year. It was the first university in the world to have hostels to live in.

There were 7 big – 300 small rooms in the university
Nalanda University was founded by the Gupta dynasty ruler Kumaragupta I between 450-470 AD. The university was an amazing piece of architecture. Its entire campus was surrounded by a large wall with a main door for movement. There were rows of monasteries from North to South and there were many grand stupas and temples in front of them. There were idols of Lord Buddha in the temples.

The central building of the university had 7 large and 300 small rooms, with lectures. The monasteries were of more than one floor. A well was built in the courtyard of each monastery. Apart from 8 large buildings, 10 temples, numerous prairie and study rooms, the campus also had beautiful gardens and lakes. Nalanda received financial assistance from Hindustani kings as well as from abroad. The entire management of the university was done by the Vice Chancellor or Head Acharya whom were chosen by Buddhist monks.

Who destroyed the university
The craze of a headgear named Bakhtiar Khilji destroyed it. He set the Nalanda University on fire, burning precious books kept in its library to ashes. Khilji also killed many religious leaders and Buddhist monks of Nalanda.

The treatment of the princes did not affect the Khilji
It is said that once Bakhtiyar Khilji fell ill. He got a lot of treatment from his princes, but to no effect. Then someone advised him to get treatment from Rahul Sribhadra ji, head (head) of the Ayurveda branch of Nalanda University, but Khilji was not ready to treat any Hindustani Vaidya (doctor). He had more faith in his princes. His mind was not ready to believe that any Indian doctor could be more capable than his or her princes.

Rahul Shribhadra did a unique treatment for Khilji
After consulting with a number of regents, Khilji finally called Rahul Shribhadra for treatment. Khilji put a condition in front of him that he will not use any Indian medicine and if he is not well, he will put him to death. Hearing this, Rahul Shribhadra fell into thinking. Then after thinking something, he accepted the terms of Khilji. A few days later, he reached Khilji with a Quran and told him that read so many pages of it daily, it will be fine.

Wild craze of electricity
Actually, Rahul Shribhadra had applied a medicine paste on some pages of the Quran. Khilji read those pages with a spit and thus slowly recovered, but after completely recovering he forgot the blessings of Hindustani Vaidya.

He was jealous that his lieutenants failed, while a Hindustani Vaidya succeeded in treating him. Then Khilji wondered why this entire root of knowledge (Nalanda University) should be abolished. After this, history never forgave him for what he did.

Nalanda University was burning for three months

Enraged, Khilji ordered a fire at Nalanda University. It is said that there were so many books in the university library that it kept burning for three months. Even after this, Khilji’s mind did not calm down. He also got thousands of religious leaders and Buddhist monks of Nalanda murdered. Later, the entire Nalanda was also ordered to be burnt. In that way, the craze paid off the favor of Hindustani Vaidya. Sincerely – Bhaskar.Com

It is said that history has lost a lot of knowledge due to poor craze of khajli. Actually, the research done in Nalanda was very valuable. If she had known us even today, science would have been far ahead.

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