Mysterious door Vault B (Treasure) of Padmanabhaswamy temple

Mysterious door Vault B (Treasure) of Padmanabhaswamy temple
Padmanabham Temple

Friends, you will get to see many temples from ancient to ancient in India. Many of these temples are still far from scientific research. And the temples on which the scientist has also done research, have also baffled everyone. Many people will doubt against it, but still they will not have any answer like scientists. So today we are going to tell you in this post… about the secret of the basement of one such temple, Padmanabhaswamy Temple Mystery which even scientists are unable to open. Neither can he solve his mystery.

Friends Padmanabhaswamy Temple which is located in Kerala. The news of his basement became quite a few years ago, but the attempt to open it started in the year 1931. Actually ‘Mishra Haj’ wrote a book in the year 1931, named ‘Guide to Travancore‘, in which it was said that when an attempt was made to open the cobra basement of Padmanabhaswamy temple, many poisonous snakes came out of it. Came out And everyone had to leave him and run away. And all those people claimed for the next several years that those snakes followed them everywhere, besides many books mention about this basement.

Subsequently, in 2011, a team was formed to open the basement of Padmanabhaswamy Temple by order of the Supreme Court. And they found the entire 6 cellars in it. And they were named A, B, C, D, E, F and after some time 2 more cellars were found, named G and H.

Friends, except B cellar, all the basements were opened, and in it, gold idols, ornaments, and many precious things were found. The total value of which was three lakh crores. But the cellar on whose door the cobra was made could not be opened. Because when the iron door of that cellar was opened, a wooden door emerged inside it. When that wooden door was broken and opened, there was another heavy iron door inside it. And there was no way to open it. It seemed as if the door had been put in such a way that no one could open it again. When asked by the sadhus there, he told that, ‘Nag Bandham’ has been installed on this door. That is, it is sealed with powerful spells. And only siddha men can open this door, who are aware of these mantras. This is not possible if an attempt was made to open it like this. Every door opened, another door would come out inside it, and it would never be opened.

Scientists also believe that there can be a link in this ancient science. Therefore poisonous gas can also be filled in it, and it can also be fatal. After so many years, till date only talk of opening this basement is being done. Because the British who looted India could not even touch such a treasure, then something mysterious would happen in this basement.

So friends, what is there in this basement of Padmanabhaswamy temple? Even the scientists who tried to know it have become cold. So has it really been opened? But it is being hidden from the whole world. And what is it like in this basement? Despite this big secret, its truth is not being revealed.

The answer to all these questions is hidden in that basement itself, but even today, looking at it, it does not seem that we will get answers to these questions soon.

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