Make perfect abs with these exercises

Make perfect abs with these exercises
Man’s Flexing Muscular Abs in Gym with Exercise Equipment

For the last few years, going to the gym, making body or abs is becoming a trend. Many actors and celebrities make abs for their films. Like Aamir Khan made for his film Dhoom, Shah Rukh Khan for Om Shanti Om. Nowadays people are focusing on body fitness by being inspired by them. Whether it is a six pack or an eight pack, both have to work hard and sweat. How to make abs? Making abs means controlling your body weight as well as strengthening your abdominal muscles, so that the stomach stays inside. Nowadays the craze of making abs has increased not only among boys but also in girls. If you also want to make abs, we can help you. Learn how to make abs

How to make abs?
1. Exercise
Exercise can help you build abs. Daily workouts will reduce your body fat and body will be in perfect shape. After this you will get help in making abs. You can make abs by exercising at home but, if you exercise in the gym, you can get the right guidance there. There are some exercises that you can do to make abs.

Cardio is also called aerobic exercise. This exercise is great for increasing your heart rate. By doing cardio daily, you can reduce your fat and make six pack abs. According to a study, by doing cardio exercises three to four times a week, your abdominal fat can be reduced. Running, jogging, biking, swimming, jogging etc. are also types of cardio.

How to make abs – do abs exercises
To make abs, you should do abdominal exercises, which are as follows:

Cross Leg Seat Ups: –
In this you lie on your back and cross your legs.
Now lift them up.
Keep the fingers of your hands close to the ear.
Slowly raise your body above the knees.
Apply three to four sets of this exercise.

Side crunch
To exercise the crunch, lie on your back and place one hand on your ear.
Touch the knee with your elbow while bending the knee of one leg and raising the shoulder of one side.
Do the same from the other side.
Ball crunch
This exercise is done with a ball. You must have seen these balls in the gym, which are very big.
To do this, first take a ball and lie on its back.
Place your feet on the ground so that you do not fall.
With your hands under your head, lift the upper part of your body and move it backwards.
Do three to four sets of this too.

2. How to make abs – Yogasan
You do not need to go to an expensive gym to get abs, but you can also get them by doing some easy yoga at home. You can get abs by taking care of doing yoga and drinking your food continuously for six to seven weeks. Yogasanas make the various parts of the body strong and healthy. You can take help of these yogasanas to reduce abdominal fat and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Surya Namaskar
surya namaskar
Surya Namaskar is as helpful as cardio exercise for our body. It works on all the muscles of the body and makes the body shapely. You can use this exercise to see abs on your stomach. You will find the answer to how to make abs with Surya Namaskar. Make perfect abs with these exercises

How to make abs – Sethubandhasan
By doing this asana, along with decreasing abdominal fat, your back muscles will also get stronger. This will strengthen the chest, neck and spine, as well as keep the digestive system correct.

By doing this posture with boat posture regularly, muscles of both back and abdomen are strengthened. Not only this, this posture also makes the muscles of legs and hands strong. If you want to make abs, do not forget to try this posture. Looking for answers on how to make abs, then naukasana will work.

How to make abs – Dhanurasan
This asana makes the back and spine strong and flexible. This posture is also good for legs and arms.

3. How to make Abs – Catering
Going to the gym and exercising alone is not enough to get abs. It is also necessary to eat the right diet to get abs. Know what you should and should not eat to get abs.

Fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients. In addition, they are rich in anti-oxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Eating them speeds up the process of reducing weight and fat. If you eat fruits and vegetables daily, you will lose weight quickly and will help you get abs.

How to make Abs – Whole Grains
Eating whole grains like oats is also helpful in getting abs. Due to the high fiber, it is helpful in reducing weight, speeding up digestion. Along with this, they also get energy from them.

dry fruits
Dried fruits are a good source of fiber, protein and healthy fats and are also helpful in getting abs. Therefore, pistachios, walnuts, almonds etc. form part of your diet.

Green tea
Studies show that green tea is helpful in reducing weight and reducing fat. Therefore, you can also take help in making abs.

Make perfect abs with these exercises

4. How to make Abs – What should not be eaten?
Fast food
Sugar and salt-rich foods
Fried and spicy foods
Refined grain
Creating abs is not a work of a day or two. So, if you are not able to get good results in the beginning, do not be disappointed. Keep working hard. If you exercise daily and take care of eating and drinking, you will get good results. Not only this, all these methods will also bring positivity in your life. Hope you have found the answer to how to create abs.

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