Maharana Pratap The Great Warrior which made Akbar to cry

Maharana Pratap The Great Warrior which made Akbar to cry

There have been many brave men in Indian history, we have grown up listening to stories of valor. One such name in history is Maharana Pratap. Indian history is resonating in the name of Maharana Pratap. A fierce war took place 441 years ago, which we all know as the Battle of Haldighati.

This war has been the most discussed war in history, which has influenced the whole world. Maharana Pratap was the great hero of this war. Once America’s President Abraham Lincoln was visiting India, he asked his mother… what should I bring for you from India, then his mother said that you should bring the soil of Haldighati from India which thousands of heroes Is irrigated with blood.

We are all familiar with the biography of Maharana Pratap, but today in this post we will tell you that under which circumstances Maharana Pratap has become immortal in history

Maharana Pratap was born on 9 May 1540 in Kumbhalgarh fort of Mewar. Maharana Pratap’s father was King Uday Singh of Mewar and mother Maharani Jayavanta Bai. Pratap was brave and courageous since childhood. Maharana Pratap’s height was 7 feet and he weighed 110 kg, his protective armor weighed 72 kg, and the spear weighed 80 kg.

Combining armor, spear, shield and sword etc., Pratap used to fight in the war by lifting more than 200 kilograms in the war. He was so adept in the art of war that he used to cut the enemy along with the horse from the middle.

At that time, Akbar’s empire had been established in almost the whole of India. Then Maharana Pratap was the only king who dared to stand in front of Akbar. He struggled throughout his life, but never bowed down to the Mughals. Akbar sent peace-bearers four times to Maharana Pratap to accept subjection, so that he could subdue Maharana Pratap by negotiation. Jalal Khan, Korchi, Man Sihar, Bhagwan Das and Todarmal gave many temptations to Pratap but the self-respecting Maharana did not accept subjection at all.

Akbar had even said that if Maharana Pratap accepts his politics, he will be handed over the power of India. But none of the temptations could inoculate Maharana’s strong intentions. This was followed by the famous Haldighati war, in which Maharana Pratap had only 15,000 soldiers, and Akbar had an army of fifty thousand soldiers.

Despite Akbar’s vast army and resources, Maharana Pratap did not give up, and he struggled to protect the honor of the motherland. The Battle of Haldighati was so fierce that swords are found there 300 years after the war. The last of the swords was found there in 1985 in the Haldi valley.

In this battle Chetak, the beloved horse of Maharana Pratap, also received Veeragati. Chetak was a very sensible and strong horse, it is said that on the face of Chetak the fake suit of elephant was put, so that he could look like an elephant.

Chetak had saved Maharana Pratap by putting his life at stake and crushing a 26 feet long river. The battle of Haldighati ended without a decision. Because the Mughal forces had suffered heavy losses in this war, he was not capable of continuing any campaign against Maharana Pratap. Thousands of soldiers were also killed on behalf of  Maharana Pratap The Great Warrior

After the Haldighati war, Maharana went to the jungles including the Pratap family, he continued to organize his army even after starving in the jungles and mountains. At that time, the conditions had become very bad for Pratap. He used to cook rotis of grass seeds growing in the forest. At the same time, he wants to accept the subjection of Akbar, unaware of the prevailing circumstances. Akbar was overjoyed to hear this news, the famous poet Prithviraj Rathore who was from Bikaner at the time of Akbar’s court. He used to describe Maharana Pratap’s bravery in front of Akbar. When Akbar told him about this, Prithviraj Rathore did not believe it and he wrote to Maharana Pratap. We have heard today that the lion, the king of the forest, will be with the wolf now, the sun will hide in the cloud, the native will drink the flowing water of the earth, the elephant will live like a dog, you have heard that now the Rajput women will become widows , And now the sword will rest in the sheath, on hearing this my heart trembles… Stretched mustache is down, you tell me how far this thing is right

Maharana Pratap’s eyes turned red with anger as he read Prithviraj Rathod’s letter. He says with lion roaring that… where is the ability in the clouds to stop the sun, to kill Sinh’s hand, such a jackal has not been born, the beak of the native is not made to drink the flowing water of the earth , And we have not heard of elephants living life like dogs.

He says that I will keep the land of Mewar free even after being hungry and thirsty, even if I die, I will maintain the pride of my motherland, and will live on cutting the head of Rajput religion. When Prithviraj Rathod narrated the letter from Maharana Pratap to Akbar, he got stung. On being helped by the emperor, Pratap slowly started occupying Mewar. And most are able to win Mewar once again.

On 15 January 1597, while hunting, he is injured by breaking his bow and gives up his life. It is said that Akbar also had tears in his eyes after hearing the news of Pratap’s death because he knew that a hero like Maharana Pratap is nowhere in the whole world.

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Maharana Pratap The Great Warrior

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