Love Of Queen Victoria With An Indian

Love Of Queen Victoria With An Indian

Love Of Queen Victoria With An Indian

Love Of Queen Victoria With An Indian:

British Queen Victoria is remembered in the history of the world like an empress who never had the sun of the empire. However, this queen was giving her heart to an Indian servant. The name of this Indian was Hafiz Muhammad Abdul Karim alias Abdul. Abdul may be an unknown name for India, but is a well-known name in British history. It was the same person who had the heart of Victoria, the richest British queen of that era. The relationship between the two had reached so close at one time. That the entire British royal family was upset about it.

Lalitpur near Jhansi in 1863

Abdul was born in Lalitpur near Jhansi in 1863. Abdul Karim’s father used to work as an assistant in the hospital. After the father’s posting in Agra, Abdul also moved to Agra from Jhansi. Became a lawyer in the Nawab’s place. Later, if I did not like it, he left work and went to Agra jail on the recommendation of his father. Some weaver prisoners from Agra prison were taken to Britain to show their work. Abdul got a chance to go to Britain with weavers from here. Later, Abdul was handed over his powers to Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria had an attachment with India and consequently kept Abdul as an orderly.

The love between Queen and Abdul

Within 2 months of Queen Victoria’s throne, Abdul was now an ardent scribe. Victoria ordered her favorite servant to teach English to work now so that the two could understand each other better. In the 1888 diary of February, Queen wrote that Abdul was now learning English better. Queen Victoria and Abdul’s closeness was growing with the passage of time. With this, the position of Abdul is also increasing. Abdul Munshi had now become the Indian Secretary.

During this time, Victoria wrote several notes, which shows that she came close to Abdul. Reports of the relationship between Victoria and Abdul were slowly coming out. An incident shook the entire British royal family. In fact, in 1890, Queen Victoria stayed alone with Abdul overnight in that remote house at Balmoral, where she was once considered her husband and later as a boyfriend. Used to stay with.

It is said that after Bron’s death, Queen Victoria never went to that house and even went with Abdul. How much the British royal family was opposed to the relationship between Victoria and Abdul can be understood from the fact that as the death of Victoria, Abdul was sent to India by the British royal family. Have passed, but even after that, the relationship between both is still discussed.


Love Of Queen Victoria With An Indian

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