Lord Shiva’s mysterious temple which scientists are also surprised to see

Lord Shiva’s mysterious temple, which scientists are also surprised to see

Shiva Temple

There were many inventions in our ancient times, which disappeared. But no one denies that the science of that time was highly developed. Today we are going to tell you in this post of ours .. about one such Shiva temple, which scientists are also surprised to see. Because something like this today is beyond even this developed science. Friends, this mysterious temple is located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. And this is called Kailash Temple.

This mysterious temple has surprised scientists so much that scientists have different opinions on it. Some scientists consider this temple to be 1900 years old. And some scientists consider this temple to be more than 6000 years old. The most surprising thing is that this mysterious temple was not built by connecting it with bricks and stones, but only one stone has been built by breaking it. That is why it is almost impossible to answer when this temple was built. Because no such thing was used to build this temple so that we can find out when this temple was built. And the carbon dating of the stone from which it was built, will be older than this temple.

It is believed that it took almost 18 years to build this mysterious temple. But scientists believe that it is impossible to build this 100-fit tall temple in 18 years even with today’s technology. Friends, even more strange than this is that this temple is not built from the bottom up but from the top down. As digging is done. Even if it was built by digging, 5 lakh tons of stones would have come out of it. If a man tried to make it in 18 years by working 12 hours a day, then he would have to study to remove 50 tons of stone from here every day, which was completely impossible. Even if we build this temple today with our technology, we cannot build it in 18 years. Because this temple will not have to be built just by digging but with plow tools. Scientists also believe that it was impossible to build this mysterious temple in less than 200 years.

One such weapon is mentioned in our Vedas, by which it can be made. The name of this weapon was “Bom Astra” and the stone could also be made steam using it. And it is possible that this temple was built by its use.

There is a secret hidden in this mysterious temple. And that is, the caves going under this temple. In fact, in 1876, Ema Hendrick, a Spiritualist from England, wrote a book, in which he describes his experiences. In which he told that he also visited the caves under the Kailash temple. And she also met a British man who had gone to the bottom of this cave. And he told that when he went down from these Sakri caves, he found an open temple. In which he met 7 people. And one of those 7 people looked a bit dim. Because it was sometimes and sometimes missing. After publishing this book, many scientists tried to explore these caves. But after that these caves were officially closed. And even today these caves are kept closed. So what is it like that in the caves going under this mysterious temple, which has been banned even today

We get complete proof from the Kailash temple that our ancient science was more developed than today’s science. And perhaps some other mysterious thing can be found from the caves of this temple. Because in our religion it is said that we can find evidence of Shiva everywhere. We should have Shiva in our mind just to see it.

Lord Shiva’s mysterious temple

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