Learn ! About a battle fought with silver balls

Learn ! About a battle fought with silver balls


This is not a question of amazing bravery and might. This is a wonderful statement of self-respect in Indian history, when he put his everything for self-respect at stake but did not kneel in front of the enemy. Through Rajasthan, the saga of valor and valor is established. The story of one such might of Churu Fort in Rajasthan. This fort of Churu, which is located at Churu district headquarters of Rajasthan. This fort was built by Thakur Kushal Singh in 1694 AD. The purpose of his construction of this fort was to provide protection of citizens along with self-defense. There was an incident of raining silver shells in August 1814, when the British sent an army of Bikaner to join it.

Thakur Shivji Singh

Churu was ruled by Thakur Shivji Singh. He was a proud ruler. At the same time, the princely state of Bikaner near him was ruled by Maharaja Surat Singh. Sundar Singh was an ambitious ruler. Whose dispute was often with Shivji Singh. According to the famous historian Colonel Tod, Shivaji Singh’s army was 200 foot and 200 cavalry. But there was a sudden increase in it during the war. Because the people here used to support their ruler with body, mind and wealth.

Bikaner ruler Surat Singh near Churu (at the behest of the British) invaded Churu. Thakur Shivji Singh of Churu fought fiercely against the enemy but lost his ammunition while fighting the army of Bikaner. Thakur was disappointed with the ammunition run out. Then the people and traders of Churu, giving them financial help, surrendered their gold and silver to protect their kingdom. With which they made silver balls. Seeing the rain of silver balls, the enemy ran away. Churu stained silver shells and wrote his name in golden letters in world history.


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