Know the Advantages of drinking more water everyday

Know the Advantages of drinking more water everyday
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Friends, when we are born, our body is made up of 75% water, but with increasing age, this water decreases. After being young, a normal man has only 60% of water in his body. At the same time, women’s body is made of 55% water.

Now we have to think that where is this water in our body? Some water is present in our liver and kidney. Our stomach car bladder (bladder) and the bones of the reeds are deposited like spinal cord. Our hearts and minds are made up of about 75% water.

That is about 83% of the water present in our lungs. But most of the water in our whole body is present in our cells. Friend you will be surprised to know that 31% water is present in our bones which appear completely hard and happy.

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Overall, in this way, all the organs in our body need water to do their work properly. Therefore, a person may stay for a long time without eating food, but without drinking water, he cannot remain for 1 day.

Water is so important for our body that it becomes very important for us to follow the rules related to it. Because friends, the way to drink water, the time to drink water, and the amount of water to drink leaves its effects on our body, both good and bad. Know the Advantages of drinking more water

Now the question arises that how much water should we drink daily? How should we drink water? At what time and water should we drink? We need to know all these things very much. Because of any kind of negligence in the water-related methods, our body suffers a lot of damage.

Joint pain, constipation, migraine, skin spots, spots and pimples, hair loss, persistent stomach and intestinal problems, poor digestion of food, headache, weakness and laziness, good at night Over 40 illnesses such as sleeplessness, kidney diseases, skin dryness and wrinkles, along with gas uric acid and obesity and weakness in the veins of the body are caused by mistakes related to drinking only water.

Nowadays many people are troubled by these problems only because they are not consciously paying attention to the essential things of drinking water, and they are never able to know the reason of not getting any kind of disease in the body.

A person who gets the right habit of drinking water in his life, he remains healthy and healthy in every season. Their eyes, bones, hair and skin remain young for a long time.

The stomach is always clean, its skin remains shiny, and friends, not only this, many types of body diseases can be completely cured by changing the way of drinking water. And only with the help of water, more than 5 kg of weight can be reduced in 1 month without diet and exercise.

The rules related to drinking water are very simple but their benefits are amazing. Let us tell you today in this post that how should we all drink water? What amount should be drunk? When and how should we drink water? And how to get rid of different problems by drinking water?

The amount of water to drink throughout the day depends on the body size, weight and physical activity and weather of each person. Everyday the water from our body gets reduced continuously from our body through urine, feces and sweat.

With this, even in the process of speaking and breathing, the water of the body continues to evaporate. In this way we drain 2 to 3 liters of water out of our body daily.

Therefore, in general, a man is advised to drink 2.5 to 3.5 liters of water throughout the day. And women drink 2 to 3 liters of water is considered good for the body.

If you do workouts daily and in the evening, go to the gym, then in that case you should increase the amount of water you drink. And especially in summer, drink a little more than the recommended amount.

Drinking more water is good for our health, but excessive amount of water in the body can also be harmful for our kidneys. Whether or not you are drinking the right amount of water throughout the day can be identified by the urine color of the urine pipe.

If your urine color is yellow then friends, it is a sign that your body is dehydrated. And you need to drink more water. On the other hand, if the color of your urine is clear like water, then it shows that your body is fully hydrated.

When we should drink water, the more important thing is that when we should not drink water. Because drinking water at the wrong time has the worst effect on our body. Start your day with water instead of tea or coffee to take full advantage of all the nutrients you get from good health and water. Whether you are thirsty or not, you must drink one to two glasses (500 ml) of water daily in the morning.

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Drinking water on an empty stomach cleanses our intestines well, as well as the saliva of the mouth stored throughout the night, it also reaches the stomach. In Ayurveda, the saliva produced in the morning is said to be more important than sleeping. Because the saliva of the mouth formed at bedtime contains all kinds of enzymes necessary for our body. Which enter our body by drinking water on an empty stomach, and have a good effect on our health.

About 250 grams (250 ml) of water comes in a glass. And in this way, to drink 2.5 to 3 liters of water throughout the day, you should drink water like this

Drink 2 glasses (500ml) of water on an empty stomach in the morning

Half a hour after a glass of breakfast

1-1 glass 40 minutes before and 40 minutes after dinner

2 glasses in the evening at one hour gap (interval)

And one glass of water can be drunk 40 minutes before and 40 minutes after dinner.

Apart from this, if you go to the gym and workouts daily or your job involves walking outside and walking or doing physical work, then you must drink half a glass in between and about 2 glasses of water while working.

It has become a matter of when we should drink water. Now let us tell you when we should not drink water.

Never drink water immediately before a meal or immediately after a meal. Because by doing this the food eaten becomes more diluted and the food is not digested properly.

Friends, when we eat food, along with the first morsel of food, the digestive juices in our stomach begin to form digestive juices to digest that food. The digestive juices digest the food present in the stomach with its heat. In the same way that we cook and eat raw food. Know the Advantages of drinking more water everyday

Drinking water immediately after eating causes food to rot instead of being digested, and gas begins to form. If you have to sit all day, then the gas produced due to drinking water immediately after eating food can also get deposited in other parts of your body. Due to which, with time, the problem of pain in the stomach, head and joints starts.

Friends, the biggest problem caused by not digesting food in the stomach is ‘acidity’. And those who drink water only while eating food, they have to face this problem of stomach irritation and acidity for a long time.

Cholesterol is increased in the body due to continuous digestion of stomach food, and it also increases the amount of uric acid. Therefore, never drink water before eating and immediately after eating food. Always drink water only after 40 minutes to 1 hour after eating food.

If you eat very dry food, two to three sips of water can be drunk immediately after eating food. But if you still want to drink more water, then instead of drinking water, you can drink buttermilk, lemonade, seasonal fruit juice. With this, after the meal at night, you should take milk instead of water.

Whenever you drink water in the morning, always drink it before you urinate. And likewise, never drink water after urinating in the day. Because when we urinate, the internal organs of our body shrink rapidly, and in such a situation, drinking water immediately weakens the internal organs and nerves.

Due to which, the problem of not able to stop urination slowly and not digesting water properly. And as soon as you drink water, frequent urination starts.

Do not drink cold water immediately after drinking hot things like tea or coffee, because doing so damages our throat and tonsils. In the same way, do not drink water immediately after eating those with cold effected fruits, citrus fruits, or juices which are already in high quantity.

Because by drinking water, food is not fully digested in our stomach. Due to which the chances of a cold cough and stomach upset increase significantly. Know the Advantages of drinking more water everyday

Water should always be drunk slowly, in the same way as tea or coffee is drunk. While drinking water, keep it in your mouth for a while then swallow it. This is the best way to drink water and people who get used to this method never get any kind of disease in their body. Because by drinking some water, saliva of the mouth along with water also goes inside the stomach. And this method is most beneficial in the morning.

Never drink water quickly, and do not drink too much water at once. Because our body has the capacity to digest only 1 glass ie 200 ml to 250 ml of water at a time. If you are in the habit of drinking more water, you will drink more than a glass of water at a time.

So our body does not feel full of such water. And this water gets out of our body very quickly through urine. So drink a glass of water after every 40 minutes to 1 hour interval. And drink it with a mouth in a glass or bottle. Never lose a lot of water at the top of your neck.

And always drink water while sitting. Never drink water while standing or walking. Because by doing this water enters the body fast, and drinking from above it also takes a lot of gas in our body. That creates pressure and stretch in the internal organs of the body. The same water has different effects in our body in different ways by drinking water slowly, sitting and drinking water, either standing or standing. Know the Advantages of drinking more water everyday

Slowly watering the mouth keeps our body pH level under control. And calms the stomach acid. And friends with it, our digestive system is kept well by taking saliva in the mouth with water, and there is no accumulation of fat in the stomach, which controls obesity.

On the other hand, if you drink water quickly or standing, then the internal organs and intoxication of our body are weak. The amount of gas in the body increases, which later also causes joint pain.

No matter how much heat is there, never drink too much cold water or ice water in the fridge. Always drink only normal temperature or light cold water.

Many people think that too much cold water in the fridge brings coolness to our body, but it is not that the ice water that goes into our body is cool in the beginning but in a while it is very hot. goes. Which makes our body warm rather than cool.

There are very few benefits of drinking cold water. People who always like to drink cold water, the food along with water is not digested properly in their body, and problems like headache, indigestion, constipation can be caused by drinking too much cold water. Therefore, instead of drinking cold water, always drink only water at normal temperature.

Or you can drink water after heating it lightly. Drinking hot water during cold or rainy season provides many benefits to our body. Because food is digested quickly by drinking hot water. And especially those who have constipation or joint pain should always drink light hot water. Know the Advantages of drinking more water everyday

Drinking warm water is very beneficial in cold and cold and sinus problems. But people who have acidity or high blood pressure should not consume hot water.

Friends, it takes a little more to hear so many things related to drinking water, but believe all these rules are so simple that if you follow these rules for only one week. So you will gradually get used to these methods, and after that, without paying attention, you will start doing everything according to the rules.


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