Know how Arjun Kapoor did 140 kg to 90 kg within 3 years

Know how Arjun Kapoor did 140 kg to 90 kg within 3 years

It has been said that if a person desires, he can do everything. It is the same with any fat person. If he tries with his body, he can easily reduce his weight and stay fit. So let’s talk about Arjun Kapoor in today’s article.

There was a time when Arjun was obese, he weighed 140 kg. But at present, he is seen acting with a more beautiful actress than in the film industry.

At the same time, they pair up with any heroin. So let’s try to know about Arjun Kapoor Diet Plan in today’s article. At the same time, know how he lost so much weight.

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Know how to lose weight before knowing Arjun Kapoor diet
In Bollywood, everyone is aware of the performance of Arjun Kapoor, who is acting on the hearts of people by acting best in films like Ishaqzaade, Aurangzeb, Two States, Gunday.

At the same time, they are very popular due to their fit body and six pack abs. According to the article printed in Amar Ujala, there was a time when Arjun Kapoor weighed 140 kg, due to which he could not even think of becoming a hero. But on the basis of his diet and workout, he changed the weight from 140 kg to six pack abs.

Not only this, the problem is more with obese people. Due to high weight, Arjun Kapoor did not fit on the flight seat, so he always had to take business class tickets.

Obesity is quite fatal in many cases, due to which they also had to face a lot of trouble. He was always sluggish, he did not feel like working.

At the age of just 22, he was having all these problems. During an interview, Arjun said that during the times of obesity, I used to say that I do not want to be thin but in my heart I knew that I was lying to myself.

Before becoming a hero, Arjun has also worked as an assistant in Nikhil Advani’s two films. At the same time, he lost 50 kg before becoming a hero.

He considers Bollywood actor Salman Khan an inspiration, who convinced him that he can prove to be a great actor after building a good body. According to him, this thing of Salman has given him a lot of confidence in which he believed that if you lose a little weight then you can become an actor.

He has admitted that Salman Khan worked hard on him and has always guided him for a good body. ” As Arjun, Salman not only guided his fitness schedule but also kept a tight control on his diet.



Know how Arjun Kapoor did 140 kg to 90 kg within 3 years

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