Jhansi Ki Rani history | Son of Jhansi

Jhansi Ki Rani history

Jhansi Ki Rani history:

Rani Lakshmibai, the heroic queen who fought fiercely against the British in the first freedom struggle of 1857, was not only the queen of Jhansi and her enemies, but she also had a young son. Who was tied on the back of the queen in the battle. Whose name was Damodar Rao. Which was adopted by Maharaja Gangadhar Rao of Jhansi and Laxmibai Navalkar (full name of Rani of Jhansi). But do you know what happened to Damodar after Rani’s death? The British forced them to wander from rate to rate.

Damodar Rao was born on 15 November 1849 in a branch of the royal family. At the age of three, Maharaj adopted her. Queen Lakshmibai sent a message to Lord Dalhousie in Calcutta that Damodar Rao should be considered the heir of the royal family. But this did not happen. Dalhousie ordered that Jhansi be merged with the British Raj.

The British had never considered Damodar Rao as the heir to Jhansi, so he did not find any place in government documents. Damodar Rao’s only description appeared in YN Kelkar’s Marathi book ‘Itihasachaya Sahli’, published in 1959. After the death of Maharani, Damodar Rao lived a very difficult life in a way. The people of India were not only the British responsible for their plight.

the war against Dalhousie

The queen waged a war against Dalhousie. He got martyrdom in this fight. After this battle, only a total of 60 confidants of the queen could survive. All the confidants of Rani Laxmibai along with Damodar Rao were ordered by the British to finish but all of them went underground. After wandering in the jungles for two years, the infamous Nanhe Khan spoke to the British political agent. He told Mr. Flink that Jhansi Rani Sahiba’s child is still 9-10 years old. After Rani Sahiba, she has to spend life like animals in the forests. The government is not at a disadvantage with the child. Leave it the whole country will bless you.


Flink was a kind man, he pleaded with the government. After this, on 5 May 1860, the British tied Damodar Rao a pension of 10,000 annually in Indore. He was allowed to keep only seven people with him. The British government also refused to return the seven lakh rupees. The second wife of Damodar Rao’s real father raised him. In 1879, they had a son Laxman Rao. Damodar Rao died in 1906 at the age of 58. His family still lives in Indore with the ‘Jhansiwale’ surname. Rani also had a half-brother Chintamanrao Tambe. The copper family currently lives in Poona.

Jhansi Ki Rani History

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