Is Bank is safe to deposit money?

Is Bank is safe to deposit money?

Under a provision of the new bank deposit bill, public sector banks have the right to decide how much money to repay to the depositor in the event of insolvency.

Friends, according to a figure, 76 percent of the youth in our country do not even have basic knowledge of finance. In such an environment, we would like to take whatever steps are being taken by the government, which can affect the economy of a common man. Let us try to explain it better, for your information that if you deposit the money in any bank account.

Ordinarily, we think that we can withdraw that money whenever we want, and we can use it. But this is not the case. For example, if at present, your entire deposit is more than Rs. 100000, and if the bank is not able to give your deposit, then you cannot get any capital above Rs. 100000. . In other words, whenever you open a bank account, the insurance against your deposit is only one lakh rupees.

The FRDI (Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance Bill) currently being introduced by the government is in the context of changes in these rules.

Where our economy is moving towards a cashless economy. There is a possible question that arises in our mind that where should we keep our money, according to the economic experts of the world, people should put more than 1 lakh rupees in different ‘financial instruments’ in the context of India. So that we are not affected by any future economic problems.

Do you know that around 63 per cent of Indians have deposited their money in public or public banks (PSU banks). Only 18 percent people have deposited their money in private bank

You know that when we deposit money in the bank, we do not get any kind of guarantee from the bank in return. In this way we are an insecure depositor. People in other countries of the world have less money in bank than India.


Is Bank is safe to deposit money?

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