Indian Discoveries That Changed the World

Indian Discoveries That Changed the World

Today, in the matter of history, the western countries have gone ahead of us, we are also moving forward very fast but there is still a lot to travel. Today you too would consider those western countries the father of modern science, but this is wrong, Indian discoveries were also made in India, many tremendous inventions without which today it was impossible to reach the level of science.

Today we will count you achievements in the field of science of India, so that the whole world salutes India.

Let’s start from zero i.e. zero. It was taught by Aryabhata to use zero (0). At the time when only units were used, Aryabhata started using zero. Due to which science has reached here today. Burning by this, the British call it O (O) instead of zero.

The scale was also first discovered by Indians. About 35 years old scales have been found in the experiment. Whose accuracy was completely correct. That is, the Indians who today call themselves modern architects, were also taught by the Indians to measure them.

Cotton cloth was also transported from India to the whole world. When more than 5000 years ago, the whole world wore animal skin, the Indians had learned the art of making clothes from cotton. That is, the foreigners whose modern clothes you see and say that this is modern, it was also started by the people of India.

Today the Government of India is engaged in the purpose of constructing toilets in every house, whereas the civilization of Indus Valley has got old toilets. Which also had under ground water drainage. That is, at the time when the whole world used to defecate in the open, Indians had built toilets. When the whole world was fighting new diseases, Indians created Ayurveda. You would not even know that the plastic surgery which you consider to be the product of the western country, it was told in the Susruta Samhita 2600 years ago. That is, the roots of modern medical also connect with India.

Today, whatever you run a wireless phone is also India’s biggest gift. Shri Jagdish Chandra Bose of India showed for the first time in 1895 AD by performing ‘Public Wireless Communication Demonstration’. The modern science in which you look at the western country by wireless, was also created by Indians.

Today you all say that the science of western countries has made so much progress, man has reached the moon. But the first iron cage rocket was also used by Tipu Sultan in India. That is, today’s modern missile was also launched in India. Indian Discoveries That Changed the World

All this is just a few achievements, we will continue in the next post. You too must share your opinion through your comment.

Friends, today many people stay in India and curse India and praise the foreign countries, they should read only two pages of history. Because the whole life will be cursed to India and when old age comes, you will not be tired of praising India.

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