Increase concentration with Vriksasana Yoga, learn how to do this asana and what are its benefits

Increase concentration with Vriksasana Yoga, learn how to do this asana and what are its benefits

Yoga is a method of purifying the mind, body and soul that people of all ages can do. The names of all yoga asanas seem similar to most people. Not only this, people who do not know more about yoga also feel the same way to do it. But when you start learning yoga, then you get to know about these asanas properly and also feel the benefits of them. Today we are going to tell you about one of the best poses of yoga called Vriksasana. Know about tree plantation in detail: Increase concentration with Vriksasana Yoga

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What is tree tree
Vriksasana is also called tree pose because the performer in it looks like a tree. As the name suggests, it is a bridge between the natural universal force and your inner power. Vriksasana is a pose that helps in balancing and increasing concentration in the body. While doing this Yogasan it is necessary to keep the eyes open so that the balance of the body remains. By doing this asana, the muscles of the legs are strengthened and the stability of the body is also maintained. It is one of the very simple rugs and is also the most beneficial. Know how to do this, and what are its benefits to the best posture:

The easy way to do Vriksasana is as follows:

  • To do Vrikshaasan, place a carpet or mat in a cool and clean place.
  • Now stand upright on the mat.
  • During this time the distance between your two legs should not be too much.
  • Keep your hands upright on both sides of your body.
  • Now bend your right knee and place the right foot on your left thigh. Keep in mind, during this time, the sole of your right leg is kept straight on the left thigh.
  • During this time try to maintain your balance and keep breathing deeply.
  • Now keep both your hands near your chest in a salutary pose.
  • After this, slowly move your hands over the head in this posture.
  • Focus your attention on something in front of you.
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  • In this posture, your body should be perfectly straight.
  • Maintain the balance of your body for some time and stay in this position.
  • After this, move your hands down and return to your starting position.
  • After this repeat the same process again with the other leg. By doing this, one cycle of this division is completed.
  • Repeat the cycles of this asana according to your ability.
  • Similarly, doing this asana three to five times a day will be beneficial for you….

Benefits of doing tree administration

Helpful in balancing the body
Vriksasana is an asana which helps in maintaining the balance of the body. It is very important to make balance of the body while doing this asana. When you focus your attention in creating the balance of your body, it also benefits our brain.

Spinal cord becomes stronger
In this posture, one has to stand still like a tree. By standing upright in one place, the spine is strengthened. This asana strengthens ligaments, hips and ankles. It plays an important role in strengthening the muscles of the feet and at the same time makes the legs powerful. It is also believed that performing Vrksasana relieves the pain of arthritis and numbness in it.

Beneficial for knees
This asana is very beneficial for those who suffer from knee pain. Doing this daily relieves knee pain. Not only this, this Yogasana is beneficial to relieve the pain of the ankles. This helps to reduce the chance of sprains etc. by increasing the flexibility of the ankles.

Mind increases concentration
By doing this asana, stability of mind or mind increases. Along with this, this asana is also beneficial in relieving stress, anxiety and depression etc. Vriksasana calms your mind and helps increase concentration. It helps to balance and concentrate physically and mentally.

Keep these things in mind
Vriksasana is advised to be done in the morning. But if you want to do it in the evening, then do this Yogasan before or after meals.
Avoid doing this easy after or before eating. Also, keep in mind that while doing this your stomach should be completely empty.
Vrksasana can be done in pregnancy, but do it only under the advice of a doctor and under the guidance of a specialist. Increase concentration with Vriksasana Yoga

Under which conditions do not do tree plantation

  • If you have more pain in your knees or ankles then do not do Vriksasana.
  • It is advisable not to do this asana even in the case of blood pressure problem. If your blood pressure is high or low, do not do this yoga in both cases.
  • You should not do this asana even if you are not sleepy or have migraine problem.
  • Those who are hurt in the hips, those people should also avoid doing this asana.

Doing Vrksasana or any Yogasana on your own can be harmful. Therefore, before starting yoga, seek the advice of your doctor and practice it under the guidance of a specialist.


Increase concentration with Vriksasana Yoga

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