In this village of Himachal mummy of a 550 year old saint still grows hair and nails

In this village of Himachal mummy of a 550 year old saint still grows hair and nails
Saint mummy

By the way, after the death, Mishra is known all over the world for the mummies that are kept in the body and there is a belief of the people that keeping this body is absolutely safe, but let me tell you that there is a place in India too This is where the mummy of a saint has been kept and the most important thing is that his hair and nails are constantly growing and it is a natural mummy i.e. no chemicals have been used on it.

This is mummy in Himu village of Lahul Spiti in Himachal. Let me tell you, this mummy is about 550 years old. The hair and nails of this mummy are growing even today. Another special thing is that this mummy is in a sitting state while the rest of the mummies found in the world are in a lying state. The village of Gyu remains cut off from the rest of the world due to snow 6 to 8 months a year. Because this village is situated at a very high altitude and it is just 2 kilometers from Tibet.

Let us tell you that after the death of any human, his body is mummified by preserving it with chemicals, this method was widely adopted in ancient Egyptian civilization. Apart from Egypt, mummies of dead bodies were also made in other countries.

According to the people of the village, this mummy was first kept in the village itself and was installed in a stupa, but when the earthquake occurred in 1974 it was buried somewhere. Then in 1995, ITBP (I.T.B.P.) jawans got this mummy while constructing the road. It is said that after the spade hit the head, blood also came out of Mummy’s head, whose mark is still present. After this, Mummy remained in the ITBP campus till 2009.

Later, the villagers brought this mummy to the village and established it. A glass cabin was made to hold the mummy in which it was placed. This mummy is taken care of in turn by the families living in the village. They give information about Mummy to the tourists coming here. Thousands of tourists from all over the country come here to see this dead body.

Let me tell you, this mummy also has hair. It was investigated after the mummy was released, in which scientists told that it is 545 years old, but despite so many years without any coating and the land is still buried, how this mummy is in this state is a matter of surprise.

According to AjabGajab, there is also a legend associated with this mummy, as is often the case that a legend is attached to every ancient thing. It is believed that about 550 years ago there was a saint in the village of Gayu. In the village of Chiu, there were many outbreaks of scorpions. In order to save the village from this outbreak, the saint asked people to bury him in the ground to meditate. When this saint was buried in the ground, as soon as his life came out, a rainbow came out in the village and the village was freed from scorpions. While some people say that this Mummy belongs to a Buddhist monk ‘Sangla Tenzing’ who came to India from Tibet and here, who once sat in the meditation did not rise again.

Till now, it was believed that Mummy’s hair and nails grow continuously, but according to the people of the village of Giyu, now Mummy’s hair and nails have reduced in proper care. Mummy’s head is going bald due to short hair.


Himachal mummy of a 550 year old saint

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