Important facts 16th Lok Sabha

Important facts 16th Lok Sabha


Important facts 16th Lok Sabha: The general elections to constitute the sixteenth Lok Sabha started from 7 April 2014 and nine till 12 May 2014.

Attempts have been made to study the biographies of 543 elected members of the Lok Sabha in terms of certain criteria such as age, educational qualifications, occupation, and legislative experience. A separate section on the biographies of women members based on the above criteria is also included in this study. The analysis is based on the biographies of 543 members on the date of the formation of the assembly. However, the state-wise analysis of the data, wherever applicable, indicates the coming into existence of the state of Telangana on 2 June 2014.

543 consists of two members namely Shri Narendra Modi and Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav who won from two constituencies each. Where Shri Narendra Modi kept the Varanasi seat and vacated the Vadodara seat, Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav kept the Azamgarh seat and the Mainpuri seat. Mr. K. Chandrashekhar Rao resigned from Lok Sabha seat on 29 May 2014 and one member Shri Gopinath Munde died on 3 June 2014.

Age-Related Details of Members of 16th Lok Sabha


Under the provision of the constitution, a person should not be less than 25 years of age to contest the Lok Sabha elections. While on the one hand, there are 12 members in the lowest age group of 25-30 years, on the other hand, there is only one member in the maximum age groups of 81-85 and 86-90 years. The age group of 56-60 has the highest number of 92 members. 197 members (36.28 percent) are under 50 years of age and 346 members (63.72 percent) are over 50 years of age.

Division of age groups of members with a gap of 5 years

25-30 years 12
31-35 years 21
36-40 years 36
41-45 years 58
46-50 years 70
51-55 years 87
56-60 years 92
61-65 years 83
66-70 year 43
71-75 years 28
76-80 year 11
81-86 year 01
86-90 year 01

With regard to the average age of the members, the 12th Lok Sabha (1998–99) was a sabha of younger members, with an average age of 46.4 years and the age of the members of the 13th Lok Sabha being the highest with an average age of 55.5 years. The present assembly has the second-highest age gathering in relation to the average age with an average age of 53.8 years. Shri Lal Krishna Advani (86 years) is the oldest elected member of the 16th Lok Sabha while Shri Dushyant Chautala (26 years) has the honor of being the youngest member. Smt Raksha Nikhil Khadse who is 27 years old is the youngest member and Mrs. Vijaya Chakraborty, 75 years, is the oldest female member of 16th Lok Sabha.

The average age of members of Lok Sabha: First to sixteenth Lok Sabha

The average age of Lok Sabha (in years)
First (1952-57)                              46.5
Second (1957–62)                       46.7
Third (1962–67)                           49.4
Fourth (1967-70)                         48.7
Fifth (1971–77)                             49.2
VI (1977-79 )                                  5.2.1
Seventh (1980–84)                     49.9
VIII (1985–89)                                51.4
Ninth (1989–91)                           51.3
Tenth (1991–96)                           51.4
XI (1996-97)                                    52.8
XII (1998–99)                                  46.4
Thirteenth (1999-2004)             55.5
Fourteenth (2004-2009)            52.2
Fifteenth (2009-2014)                 53.7
Sixteenth (2014-till now)           53.8

An attempt has been made to study the age details of 315 * members elected for the sixteenth Lok Sabha for the first time. The number of elected members for the first time in the age group of 56-60 years is 53 which is the maximum while the three members are in the age group of 76-80 years which is the lowest. It is an interesting fact that all the 12 members elected in the age group of 25-30 in the sixteenth Lok Sabha have become members of the Lok Sabha for the first time. Out of a total of 315 members elected for the first time, 169 members ie 54% of the members fall in the age group of 51 years and above.

Different age groups of first time elected members
Number of age group members
25-30           12
31-35           17
36-40           27
41-45           41
46-50           49
51-55           46
56-60           53
61-65           40
66-70           15
71-75           12
76-80           03
It also includes members elected from the two Lok Sabha constituencies Vadodara and Varanasi elected for the first time to the Lok Sabha.

Educational background of members


Members of the sixteenth Lok Sabha have varied educational qualifications, but their highest educational qualification has been taken into consideration. Broadly his educational background has been classified into six categories namely Under Matric, Matric, Under Graduate, Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctorate.

The number of graduate members is 226 (41.62 percent of the total member strength), which is the largest category in educational qualification in the 16th Lok Sabha. This class has up to 160 post-graduate members, which is the second largest.

An important feature of the members’ educational background is that 33 members hold doctoral degrees. 92 members are matriculation / inter pass and 17 members are under matriculation. In the current Lok Sabha, more than 77% of the members are graduates and above.

Educational background of members

Under Matriculate / Certified Courses / Others                                                                                  17                    3.13
Matric, Inter / High Secondary, Diploma holder                                                                                92                   16.95
Undergraduate                                                                                                                                              15                        2.77
Graduate (includes members with equivalent technical/professional qualifications.) 226                    41.62
Post Graduate (Includes equivalent technical/professional qualifying members.)         160                    29.46
Doctoral                                                                                                                                                              33                      6.07

Members business

The study of the professional background of the members of the 16th Lok Sabha shows that the members are involved in many professions and occupations. Most of the members are associated with more than one business but only the business which members have mentioned first is taken into consideration. According to available data related to the occupations, they are mainly classified into 15 occupations. According to the information given by the members, the largest group is of farmers/farmers and about 166 members are associated with this business. The second-largest class of 133 members is social or political activists. The 16th Lok Sabha has 79 businessmen, 54 lawyers, and 26 physicians.

Regarding the occupational background, the first and second-largest group in the Lok Sabha was the peasants. It is an interesting fact that from the third Lok Sabha to the sixteenth Lok Sabha, the group of farmers and farmers has been the largest group in occupational categories. After the Ninth Lok Sabha, the group of commercially political and social workers has stood second. In the fifteenth Lok Sabha, 193 members (35.54 percent) and 147 members (27.07 percent), respectively, declared their occupation as farmers and political and social workers. It is noteworthy that in the first and second Lok Sabha, the group of lawyers was the largest group consisting of lawyers 153 (35.42 percent) and lawyers 147 (30-25 percent) respectively. The group of lawyers was the second largest group in the third, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth Lok Sabha.

543 business background of members

Number of members
Farmers / Farmers                                                                                                                       166                 30.57
Social and Political Worker                                                                                                     133                 24.49
Businessman, Businessman, Transporter                                                                           79                 14.54
Advocate                                                                                                                                               54                 9.94
Doctor                                                                                                                                                   26                   4.78
Artist, Film Artist                                                                                                                              17                     3.13
Professor, Educationist, Teacher, Teacher (Retd.)                                                             26                     4.78
Industrialist, Builder                                                                                                                      10                     1.84
Journalist, writer                                                                                                                               7                     1.28
Civil, Police and Military Services, Diplomat                                                                         7                      1.28
Religious missionary, social reformer                                                                                      2                     0.36
Player, Cricketer                                                                                                                                 2                     0.36
Strategic Consultant, Consultant                                                                                              5                      0.92
Engineer, Chartered Accountant                                                                                                5                      0.92
Other                                                                                                                                                      4                      0.73

Legislative Experience of 16th Lok Sabha Members: Highlights

Legislative experience is another important aspect of members’ biographies. Studies related to the legislative experience of the members of the 16th Lok Sabha include membership of the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, State Legislative Assembly, and Legislative Council. A main feature of the 16th Lok Sabha is that 315 members have been elected for the first time in the Lok Sabha, which is 58 percent of the total members. Some important facts regarding legislative experience are as follows:

315 members were elected for the first time (58 percent)
  • A member for the 16th Lok Sabha has been elected for the first time from Vadodara and Varanasi, two constituencies.
  • 40 out of 62 women members are elected for the first time (64.5 percent).
  • Out of 315 members elected for the first time, 190 members (60.31 percent) have no legislative experience in Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, state legislatures and legislative councils.
  • 225 elected members have prior Lok Sabha experience.
  • 169 members have been re-elected from the 15th Lok Sabha (150 men and 19 women).
  • 30 members have experience of Rajya Sabha.
  • There were members of the Legislative Assembly in 211 member states.
  • There were members of the Legislative Council in 25 member states.
  • Nine-time elected member Shri Kamal Nath is the senior-most member of the Lok Sabha. He was elected the current Speaker of the current Lok Sabha.
  • Among the female members, Smt Sumitra Mahajan has the distinction of being elected eight times in a row from the ninth to the sixteenth Lok Sabha from the same constituency, Indore (Madhya Pradesh). Smt Mahajan was unanimously elected on 6 June 2014 for the post of the Speaker of the 16th Lok Sabha.
  • Out of the first elected members for the 16th Lok Sabha, 54 new members have been elected from Uttar Pradesh, which is the highest. 35 members have been elected from Tamil Nadu which is the second largest group.
First time elected member (state-wise)
  • State Name Number Total Seat Percentage
  • Andhra Pradesh 18 25 72.00
  • Assam 08 14 57.14
  • Bihar 17 40 42.50
  • Chandigarh 01 01 100.00
  • Chhattisgarh 06 11 54.54
  • Delhi 07 07 100.00
  • Goa 01 02 50.00
  • Gujarat 15 26 57.69
  • Haryana 07 10 70.00
  • Himachal Pradesh 01 04 25.00
  • Jammu and Kashmir 04 06 66.66
  • Jharkhand 06 14 42.85
  • Karnataka 11 28 39.28
  • Kerala 04 20 20.00
  • Lakshadweep 01 01 100.00
  • Madhya Pradesh 14 29 48.27
  • Maharashtra 29 48 60.41
  • Nagaland 01 01 100.00
  • Odisha 12 21 57.14
  • Puducherry 01 01 100.00
  • Punjab 06 13 46.15
  • Rajasthan 18 25 72.00
  • Tamil Nadu 35 39 89.74
  • Telangana 10 17 58.82
  • Tripura 02 02 100.00
  • Uttar Pradesh 54 80 67.50
  • Uttarakhand 03 05 60.00
  • West Bengal 23 42 54.76
Women Members of 16th Lok Sabha

62 women have been elected to the 16th Lok Sabha. This is the highest number ever, which is 11 percent of the total number of 543 members. The number of elected women members, who were 22 in the first Lok Sabha and 27 in the second Lok Sabha, increased to 59 in the 15th Lok Sabha. The lowest number of women winners was 19 in the sixth Lok Sabha in 1977.

Number and percentage of women members in 16th Lok Sabha

Male 481 88%
Women 62 11%

The 16th Lok Sabha has women representatives from 18 states and two union territories, namely Delhi and Chandigarh. In terms of percentage, West Bengal has the highest female representation with 29 percent female members. There are 12 female members out of 42 members in this state. Out of 80 seats in Uttar Pradesh, 13 women members have been elected, which is the highest among all states in terms of numbers.

State-wise Number of female members and their percentage

Number of female MPs Total number of MPs Percentage of female MPs

  • West Bengal 12 42 29
  • Uttarakhand 1 5 20
  • Madhya Pradesh 5 29 17
  • Jammu and Kashmir 1 6 17
  • Uttar Pradesh 13 80 16
  • Gujarat 4 26 15
  • Delhi 1 7 14
  • Assam 2 14 14
  • Maharashtra 5 48 10
  • Tamil Nadu 4 39 10
  • Odisha 2 21 10
  • Bihar 3 40 8
  • Punjab 1 13 8
  • Andhra Pradesh 2 25 8
  • Telangana 1 17 6
  • Kerala 1 20 5
  • Rajasthan 1 25 4
  • Karnataka 1 28 4
  • Chandigarh 1 1 100
  • Chhattisgarh 1 11 9.09

The number of women members elected party-wise for the 16th Lok Sabha is indicated. The 16th Lok Sabha has women representatives from 15 political parties. With 30 members, the Bharatiya Janata Party has the highest representation and the All India Trinamool Congress has 11 female members, the second-largest number. Nine political parties have one female representative each in the 16th Lok Sabha.

Bharatiya Janata Party

  • Bharatiya Janata Party, BJP 30
  • All India Trinamool Congress, OBC 11
  • Indian National Congress, Jharkhand 4
  • All India Anna Dravid Munnetra Kazhagam, AIADMK 4
  • Biju Janata Dal, BJD 2
  • Yuvjan Shram Congress Party, Yushrikampa 2
  • Communist Party of India, Marxist 1
  • Telangana Rashtra Samithi 1
  • Shiv Sena 1
  • Nationalist Congress Party 1
  • Lok Jan Shakti Party 1
  • Samajwadi Party 1
  • Shiromani Akali Dal 1
  • Apna Dal 1

The average age of women members of 16th Lok Sabha is 47 years, which is much less than the average age of the total members of Lok Sabha ie 53.8. It is noteworthy that the average age of male members is 54.68 years. There are 5 women members in the youngest age group 25-30 and 3 in the eldest age group 71-75. There are 10 members in the age group of 41-45 while the other 10 members are in the age group of 46-50, which means that about one-third of the total elected female members are in the age group between 41 and 50. Out of 62 female members, 22 members (35.48 percent) are over 50 years of age.

Division of female members into different age groups

25-30 5
31-35 7
36-40 8
41-45 10
46-50 10
51-55 7
56-60 2
61-65 6
66-70 4
71-75 3
76-80 –
Distribution of female members in different age groups
25-30 5
31-35 7
36-40 8
41-45 10
46-50 10
51-55 7
56-60 2
61-55 6
65–70 4
71-75 3
Educational qualification details of all 62 women members. 27 female members (43 percent) are post-graduates / professional post-graduates. 18 female members are graduate / professional graduates. Female members of three are under matriculation.

Educational Qualification of Female Members
  • Educational Qualification Number of Members
  • Under Matricertified Course 03 4.83
  • Matric 13 20.96
  • Undergraduate 01 1.61
  • Graduate / Professional Graduate 18 29.03
  • Post Graduate Professional Post Graduate 27 43.54

Out of the women members of the 16th Lok Sabha, 21 women members are social/political activists. 11 women members are from agriculture, 6 are businessmen and 5 are lawyers. It is notable that out of 62 female members, there are 6 artists and 6 physicians, which is about 20 percent of the total female members.

The business of women members
  • Percentage of Business Women Members
  • Political and social worker 21 33.87
  • Farmer / Farmer 11 17.74
  • Businessman 6 9.67
  • Advocate 5 8.06
  • Artist 6 9.67
  • Doctor 6 9.67
  • Teacher / Educationist / Writer 5 8.06
  • Retired Government Employee 1 1.61
  • Housewife 1 1.61

Out of 4o women elected for the first time for the 16th Lok Sabha, 9 women members have been elected from Uttar Pradesh while for the current Lok Sabha from West Bengal 8 women members have been elected for the first time. It is noteworthy that out of 62 women members, 40 members have been elected for the first time, which is 64.51 percent of the total women members.

First elected female member in the 16th Lok Sabha (State-wise)
State Name Number of female members Total number of seats
  • Andhra Pradesh 02 25
  • Assam 01 14
  • Bihar 01 40
  • Chandigarh 01 01
  • Delhi 01 07
  • Gujarat 02 26
  • Karnataka 01 28
  • Kerala 01 20
  • Madhya Pradesh 02 29
  • Maharashtra 03 48
  • Odisha 02 21
  • Rajasthan 01 25
  • Tamil Nadu 04 39
  • Telangana 01 17
  • Uttar Pradesh 09 80
  • West Bengal 08 42
Some of the main findings include, among other things:
  • The average age of the members of the 16th Lok Sabha is 53.8 years and it is the second-oldest members’ assembly, although the average age of women members is 47 years which is much lower; 62 women members have been elected to the 16th Lok Sabha which is the highest number.
  • It is noteworthy that 12 women have been elected in 42 seats of West Bengal, which is 29 percent.
  • A feature of the 16th Lok Sabha is that 315 members are elected for the first time. Out of 481 male members, 275 members are elected for the first time which is 57.17 percent.
  • From 62 women members, 40 women are elected for the first time, which is 64.51 percent.
  • Out of 315 new members, 190 members (60.31 percent) have entered the legislative field for the first time.
  • The 16th Lok Sabha is represented by members of diverse business but it has elected the most members from the agricultural and social activist category.
  • In the current Lok Sabha, more than 77 percent of the members have educational qualification of graduation and above and these include 26 doctors and 33 doctorate members.
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