Human remains of centuries old which are still safe

Human remains of centuries old which are still safe

It is said that humans write their own history. Everything he does in his era becomes a tradition. And many years after that, this tradition becomes history. That is why in order to understand the history of the past several centuries, even up to BC, we imagine the tradition routine of that era, good and evil, based on the construction of that period and the remnants left by them. Yes friends, in this post today, we will talk about such human remains in the world…. Whose duration and age are incredible. The same surprising remains are indications of how long mankind has come. Human remains of centuries old which are still safe

1. Albert Einstein’s brain USA

Shortly after the death of ‘Albert Einstein’, the most intelligent human in human history, Doctor Thomas Harvey, after research and training, separated his mind from his body as a relic. However, Einstein’s son Hands opposed it, but later allowed it to be studied. It was divided into 240 parts and got tested by famous neurologists and physicians in America. Which did not yield any result. However, in some research conducted in the 80s and 90s, Einstein’s brain was found to have a higher quantity of cells called glyyls than in ordinary brains. Thousand years old Human Remains Hindi
In the same year, in some tests conducted in 2000, his brain was found to be different from a normal mind. But all this research was rejected for not giving solid arguments. Which was later handed over to the Medical Department of Princeton University. At the same time, some of its remains are kept as an exhibition at the Mattern Museum in Philadelphia.
I don’t know what was in Einstein’s mind that made him the most intelligent person in human history.

2. korperwelten Germany

The Copper Beldern, also known as the World Exhibition, is located in the city of Brandon, Germany. Gandaravan Hiegens started a special process of plasticization. In this process, the moisture present in human skin ie skin and body is completely removed. So that the muscles and their structure can be deeply studied within the body. This process which brought revolution in the medical field and the human remains made from it are also displayed to the general public today. Human remains of centuries old which are still safe

Standing in many postures, this relic is amazing in appearance and like our inner body mirror. Those who see one can understand the inner texture of their body.

3. Tallund Man Denmark

One such human remains discovered in the year 1950 is Tallund Man’s body. This marvelous body kept in Denmark’s famous museum Silk Bore was found in the marsh with a rope tied around the neck. The things that came to light after a thorough study of its body were surprising. This body whose inner part was still left from rot. He was 2300 years old. Whose age must have been 30 years old at the time of death. In 1976, the researchers, who had raised a lot of expectations from this amazing era, started studying it again. Due to which its body was divided into many parts. At the same time, it was taken apart, paying special attention to the part of its skull. And the relics of this ancient period were kept in the Silk Bore Museum giving possible appearance. Surprisingly, even after 2300 years have passed, it remains the same.

4. Vladimir Lenin (Russia)

The first famous and future leader of Soviet Russia, Vladimir Lenin, who introduced Russia to communism, and made it successful, his dead body was brought to life in 1924 in Moscow, after his last wish and death. Situated in a grand glass coffin at the Red Square Crossroads located Franklin. So that the Bali general public will always watch them for following their views.
Over 200 scientists have been making every effort to preserve and keep it fresh every moment of Vladimir Lenin’s body kept for almost 90 years. So that no harm could be done to Leylin’s body. And this is what Scientists try to understand the thoughts and personality of Leylin and many Russian leaders like him by studying the inner parts. Which is kept a secret under the Russian State Secret Act. Friends, that’s all in today’s post, if you liked this post of ours, definitely like the post, and share it with your friends Thank you


Human remains of centuries old which are still safe

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