How was the ancient Maya civilization destroyed? Secret for hundreds of years

How was the ancient Maya civilization destroyed? Secret for hundreds of years

If you have read history, then you must know something about Maya civilization. By the way, this is an ancient civilization, about which scientists also know very little and that is why this civilization is not considered anything less than a mystery.

For hundreds of years, scientists have been trying to find out how this ancient civilization was destroyed, but still they have no exact answer. Although many claims are made about this. Let us know what is the history of this civilization and why it is special for us.

The Mayan civilization is believed to be the ancient civilization of the Americas, established in Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras and the Yucatan Peninsula. In particular, it is considered an important civilization of Mexico.

This civilization began in 1500 BC. It is said that this civilization came to an end in the 16th century, but its decline started from the 11th century itself.

A few years ago, researchers analyzed the famous ‘Blue Hole’ of Belize and the minerals around it, on the basis of which they said that there was a severe drought between 800 and 900 AD and it caused the destruction of the Mayan civilization. Gone. However, the live science report says something else.

According to him, the drought occurred from the sixth century to the 10th century, which led to the end of the Maya civilization.

The people of Maya civilization are believed to have mastered fields ranging from art to mathematics, architecture and astrology. Besides, he was proficient in astronomical knowledge. He also made a calendar, which describes various religious festivals and astronomical events.

It is called the calendar of the Mayan civilization. You may not be aware, but it was predicted in the calendar of Maya civilization that the world would end in 2012. However this prediction was proved wrong.

By the way, there is no specific information about the governance of civilization