How to Train and Fundamental needs of a Horse?

How to Train and Fundamental needs of a Horse?
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If you have “enough land – enough time – enough energy” available then you can enjoy riding horses in your property. The emotional connection that develops between horses and humans over a period of time is unmatched. A horse is a very intelligent and passionate animal that will change your life.

Interaction with horses is one of the best stress relieving activities. However, if you decide to raise horses in your property then you will have to be fully prepared and make necessary commitments as well as consider the financial problem. Horses or any other cattle cannot be left alone for more than a day.

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Raising horses means caring for, observing, cleaning, feeding, feeding and solving problems 365 days of the year. Therefore, if you want to go somewhere for the weekend then you should appoint an experienced and reliable person to take care of your horses.

Also, if you have horses with special needs and / or if your farm does not grow enough fodder most of the year, you will have to spend $ 400-500 per month to feed each of your horses. This includes the cost of buying a horse (there are many different adoption programs available), vet costs (general and emergency), various horse equipment, along with the costs related to building and maintaining a good and legitimate property to keep the horse. There is also a need to add a cost of Rs.

The average lifespan of a reared horse is 30 years. An average horse reaches its reproductive period at the age of five. Before that, the horse should not ride, because its skeleton and bones are not fully developed.

Horses in the race usually start riding at 1–1.5 years of age, and therefore are usually retired at the age of 6. Some of them are permanently bedridden and many are killed by the age of 3.

Since you want to have a long-term relationship with your horses, you should respect them and give them a chance to live their lives with respect.

Do you have horse riding experience? If yes, please tell us about your experience, methods and practices in the comments below.

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How to Train and Fundamental needs of a Horse?

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