how to make money from blogging for beginners

how to make money from blogging for beginners
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Before making a blog, it is very important to know about the blog closely, otherwise you will not be able to succeed in blogging. So in this post we will learn about some of the nuances, about which we are very important for our blog, so that we can setup our blog well. So let’s know the blog closely


1. A Quick Blogging Guide For Beginners
2. Bring such visitors (visitors): –
3. Add Audience: –
4. Powerful Blog: –
5. Analytics Power: –
6. Blogging from Mobile Phone: –
7. Earn money from blog: –
8. Special feature for Ipad: –

Bring such visitors (visitors): –
It is very difficult to get more readers on the blog and keep them connected with the blog .. Visitors will take time to become regular readers of the blog. Make sure to post new posts daily to attract visitors and keep you connected with the blog. Your posts should be useful to visitors.

Apart from this, you should get information about SEO. For this, you can make your posts SEO by applying links, photos, tags and popular keywords of previous posts to new posts. With this, your blog will come in search and new visitors will come. Read – what is SEO and benefits of SEO in Blog

Add Audience: –
New blogs have a very small audience, so promote your blog. Set up a mailing list to ensure repeat visitors. The mailing list asks visitors who visit the blog their email addresses to notify them when new updates or blog posts are inserted.

It is very important for you to do this, so that visitors stay connected with your blog. Many times users forget the name of the blog as well, in which case they only depend on Google search. So if they will be associated with your blog, then they will not have much problem in it and will be good for your blog too.

Powerful Blog: –
If you are blogging on WordPress then you can make your blog powerful. You can add many functions to your blog with plugins on WordPress.

Some famous plugins are –

WordPress seo
Google Analytics
And NextGen Gallery

To find the plugins you need, you should browse through the directory. If you need plugins, you can go to

Analytics Power (Analytics): –
To make the blog popular, it is very important to keep an eye on the visitors, what kind of things they search more on the blog, or which posts are searched more. With the help of comments, you can easily find out what visitors like.

Analytics tools will help you keep track of all these. It helps you understand visitors. If you need analytics for posts, mailing lists and social media, then use Cyfe ( and SumAll ( Apart from this, Google Analytics and Alexa will be best for you. Read – What is Google Analytics and how to create Analytics Account

Blogging from Mobile Phone: –
If you want to blogging from your smartphone or tablet then you can do this with the right app. To maintain your blog, you can use the default apps of your blogging platform such as: – Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr. They have easygoing features and uses. You will also need another app to file a proper blog post. To write long posts, you can use the free app Kingsoft or WPS Office App. Both have powerful writers.

If you want to put an image in your post, then you will also need an image editor. For this, you can take the help of apps like Pixler and SnapSeed and add basic editing and effects.

Earn money from blog: –
Making money from a blog is not easy. It may take months for you to receive any income even if you post daily and work very hard.

The easiest way to earn money from your blog is to use the help of Google Adsense. For this, you have to first go to and sign in with your Google account. After this you will get some of its terms and conditions, which you will have to follow. If your blog got Adsense right and meets its terms & conditions, then your Adsense account will be opened and you will be able to add its ads to your blog. Google will pay you on monthly basis.

For this, your account / blog must be above a certain limit (there is a rule in India for more than 6 months). Keep in mind that hundreds of dollars will not be generated immediately after you create a blog. If your blog is regular, has content on it and is attracting good visitors, then many brands can contact you to place their ads (ads) and get a good income. You should also keep in mind that there should be a balance of content and ad on the blog.

Special feature for iPad: –
Posts for iPad is a free app. It supports both Blogger and WordPress platforms. You can have multiple blogs run using the posts application. It allows you to view and reply to comments. It also offers a built-in document editor with video and image support.

You can use posts even when offline. You can write a post while offline and it will be uploaded the next time you are online. With this you will not have to search the network again and again.

Finally, how did you like this post, do let me know and give us your valuable suggestions. Apart from this, if you want any more information related to this, or blogging, then do ask your question to us, or stay connected with our blog. Thank you….



Blogging Guide For Beginners

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