How Hindi language became the National language of India?

How Hindi language became the National language of India?
The Hindi Language

Hello friends, Have you ever had the question that where did the language of our Hindustan, Hindi, come from, what is the history of Hindi language? How did this national language of our country become? You might not know this. There is nothing, let us tell you today about the history of Hindi language. The name Hindi was derived from the Hindu word, the language was first used in North India, where it is now Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

History of Hindi Language
According to history, the Hindi language is about 2000 years old. Hindi language (Hindi Language) was started in around 1000 AD, between about 1000 AD to 1100 AD, only Hindi language was introduced. Till about 1500 AD people used to speak Hindi language well and clearly. Around 1460 AD, there was also a literature surgeon. What is a literature surgeon now? That is, Doha, Chaupai, Gatha, Chhanda A were all in the literature surgeon.

And the great creators of that time were Gorakhnath, Vidyavati, Narpati, Kabir etc. After about 1500 AD, when Hindi was developing in India, there was a big change in Hindi language. At that time, the Mughals started ruling in our country and the language of the Mughals started being used in Hindi language, people started using Persian language because the Mughals used to give jobs to the royalty who would have a good knowledge of Persian language. Was. Due to which people started reducing the use of Hindi language, as a result of which, about 3500 words of Persian and 2500 words of Arabic, 50 words of Pashto and 125 words of Turkish were joined in Hindi.

Despite all this, some learned poets raised the bridge language of the birthplace of Rama and Krishna to speak Hindi among the people and composed poetry in the language which people liked. And gradually started speaking Hindi and Brij language. The great poets who contributed to this great work were Sant Tulsidas ji, Sant Surdas ji, Mirabai ji, Malik Mohammad Jaisi ji, Bihari ji and Bhushan ji. Because of which once again Hindi language was born on India. Then around 1800, the influence of Mughal language began to wane. All Indians started using Hindi language, but after a few years the same time came again. When the British came to India. The English of British was going on in India as if Hindi would not exist, again some great writers took an initiative. And he used Khadi Hindi, in which pure Hindi was also used and some such books were written in Khadi language which was liked by people. But the British were also very powerful, they did many tricks which pulled people towards them.

Meanwhile, Mahatma Gandhi ji and other patriots were thinking on this subject. The British did not come there for the purpose of ruling India. He had come all over the world to discuss English and his religion. And he saw that many religions have come together to make the unity of this country. The British tried to break this unity, but could not succeed. Then tried to divide caste and religion, and they succeeded. Due to which he spread English and his religion among the people. People left their unity and came to the British talk, as a result of which our India became a slave of the British. But in the meantime our Gandhiji again added the unity of India and drove the British out of the country. But Hindus and Muslims could not be united, some poet has rightly said that

And the same situation happened in Hindu and Muslim, both of them separated their countries, one part of India was divided into India and Pakistan which got divided in 2 countries.

In which the national language of India was declared Hindi and Pakistan’s Urdu was declared. To save the thing, many people gave up their lives, then in the end the same thing happened, India and Pakistan became slaves of English along with the whole world. Today, the other country speaking English in the whole world is called India. Today, more than 80% of people in India use the English language.

Believe the use of Hindi language as a Gawar language, that is, it has become a useless language because they feel ashamed to speak Hindi. But once those people who feel ashamed to speak Hindi, look at the pages of history. Think of the sacrifice of those great people who gave up their entire lives to save the Hindi language.

No matter how much English is spoken today, but even today Google says that most websites and articles in India are searched and read in Hindi. Only 10% of people in India use Hindi. Even today people read the most newspapers in Hindi and watch the news. Do you know why this is because 90% of people in India love Hindi. And I feel very proud to know. Friends, do tell us what you think in the comment, and if you liked our post “History of Hindi Language”, then share it as much as possible. Thank you


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