How did the situation of war between India and China in 1962

How did the situation of war between India and China in 1962

India and China 1962 War 20 soldiers, including a colonel of the Indian Army, were killed in a violent clash with Chinese troops in the Galvan Valley on the night of 15 June in eastern Ladakh.

The region of Galvan River has a very painful history. China has taken over the Galvan area located on LAC in Ladakh. To prevent the encroachment of China, Indian soldiers also regularly patrol in the Galwan River by boat.

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This area is considered the foundation of the terrible war between India and China in 1962. At that time, 33 Indian soldiers were martyred in the Army Post of Galvan and several dozens were taken captive. From then on, China occupied the entire territory with its claims on Aksai-chin. This is where the war between India and China started.

The India-China war began on 20 October 1962. This war lasted for a month, in which 10 to 20 thousand Indian soldiers and 80 thousand Chinese soldiers participated. China declared a ceasefire on 21 November 1962, when the war was over

It is true that India had to face a crushing defeat at the hands of China in the 1962 war. In that war, about 1300 soldiers of India were killed and one thousand soldiers were injured.

After the war, about one and a half thousand soldiers had gone missing and about four thousand soldiers were taken captive. At the same time, about 700 Chinese soldiers were killed and more than one and a half thousand were injured.

The Chinese army had almost snatched Arunachal Pradesh from India and the Chinese army was about to reach Tezpur in Assam. On the other hand, the Aksai-Chin area of ​​Ladakh was also captured by China. Later China had withdrawn its army from Arunachal Pradesh and declared a ceasefire.

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At the time the war of 62 was going on, two of the world’s most powerful countries, America and Russia, were caught in the Cuban-missile dispute.

A close friend of India, Russia did not want to offend China by supporting India in the war of 62. If that were the case, Russia, then the USSR, would have had to deal with both the US and China. This is the reason why India was isolated in this war.

India today has the best weapons, tanks, cannon and missile systems in the world. India is a nuclear power today. If selected countries of the world have the capability to carry nuclear weapons from land, water and sky, then India also belongs in that category. Any country will think a thousand times before opening a front against India.


situation of war between India and China

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