History of The Indian Farmers Which Provides The Food To The World

History of The Indian Farmers Which Provides The Food To The World

the agriculture farmer cultivation land on the traditional process

India is settled in villages. India is an agricultural country. Here 75 percent of the people live in villages. Gandhi’s Ramrajya was conceived in the village state. True India is inhabited in villages. Farmers are devilish for India. She is like a seeker, ascetic and sage. He works continuously on the farm without worrying about cold, summer and rain. He tries to satisfy everyone’s hunger by starving himself with full labor. Farmers are the backbone of Indian economy.

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The condition of the Indian farmer is very pathetic. He is suffering from ignorance, illiteracy, stereotypes and superstitions. According to an economist, he is born in debt and dies in debt. He works hard from morning to evening, even then he has to be deprived of bread, clothes and houses. His children are also deprived of education.

Today is the science age. Both Russia and America have reached the moon, yet Indian farmers are not familiar with the advancement of science. It is very unfortunate. He still works according to the tradition of father-dad’s time, so the Indian farmer is more backward than all the countries in the world.

After independence, the national and provincial governments of India have taken steps to improve the condition of villages and farmers. Schools are being opened in villages through five-year plans. Adult schools have been constructed. Efforts are being made to make farmers aware by giving TV to development blocks and panchayats. Scientific measures are being suggested to farmers.

Electricity, water, loans and fertilizers are being arranged in the villages. Branches of nationalized banks have been established in the villages and their number is continuously increasing. Cooperative banks are being set up and Galla godowns are being constructed. Rules and laws have been framed for the benefit of farmers.

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Today it becomes the main duty of the government to improve the condition of farmers. Arrangements should be made for the convenience of each city in the villages, so that the villagers stop running towards the cities. Special emphasis has been laid on the progress of agriculture in the new budget by the government. There should be good management of education, new agricultural machinery and new means of chemical fertilizers, seeds and irrigation in the villages only then the economic condition of the farmer will improve.

We should take all possible measures to improve the condition of the farmer as it is the axis of the Indian economy. Teacher Purna Singh ji has written, “Like trees, farmers too have a silent life. The farmer appears in the leaf as a flower called ”


History of The Indian Farmers

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