History of Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte was born on 15 August 1769 in the city of Ajaccio, France. The city is on the island of Corsica. Napoleon had four brothers and three sisters. Born in a wealthy family, Napoleon was raised in childhood Got a good education.

Nepoleon bonaparte

He was admitted to the military academy of France to become a military officer. After his education at Sainik School, he joined a college in Paris in 1784 to study subjects related to artillery.

Seeing his talent, he got a job as a sub lieutenant the state artillery of France. He used to get a daily salary of two and a half shilings, so that he took care of his seven brothers and sisters. Seeing his personal qualities and courage, he became increasingly acquainted with the then influential leaders of France. Now he was also appointed as the commander of the inner army.

Meanwhile, he was married to Josephine on 9 March 1796. Napoleon married his second wife ‘Marie Louise’, the daughter of the Emperor of Austria, when he was childless, with his first wife ‘Josephine’, who was born to him and became a father.


Napoleon with his fighting skills liberated France from foreign enemies. Due to his indomitable courage and valor, he became the commander of the French Army of Italy at the age of 27 to conquer Sardinia. With his fighting skills he forced Sardinia to surrender and handed over much of the conquered territory of Sardinia to France. Napoleon’s next conquest was to invade Austria and force the emperor Campoformio to accept the humiliating terms of the treaty. After this, Napoleon forced the acceptance of France’s subjugation by signing the Treaty of Tolentind with the Pope.
France then sent Napoleon to dominate England, but the obstruction of the English Channel showed Napoleon a face of defeat. Napoleon decided to subdue the British colonies located in East Asia by conquering Egypt and in 1798 he traveled with 35 thousand trained soldiers. On the way, he captured Malta, the Pyramids, the Cincadaria, the entire valley of the Nile. Now he was moving towards India but Napoleon was defeated in front of the power of the British Navy.

Chief of the nation himself

Later on returning to the land of France, he established a new Consulate Government with his political acumen and declared himself the ruler. The French people accepted him as their emperor on 15 December 1799. On 25 December 1799, he implemented the new constitution of the country. In 1804, the Senate approved Napoleon as Emperor of France in his resolution.
As soon as he became the ruler, Napoleon made radical reforms in the country’s economy, education, administrative, military and justice systems. In order to improve the religious situation, Napoleon first introduced a new constitution to improve the corrupt and immoral character of the clergy, to abolish the privilege of the church, to rob the priests and to seize the church’s property by fooling the people under the guise of superstition.
By 1814, Napoleon is believed to have carried out several important reforms while holding the post of emperor. But after the war of Lipzing, he was forced to live on the island of Elba when he was relinquished as Emperor of France. When he escaped from there, he was again accepted as emperor by the countrymen.


In 1815 he suffered a severe defeat at the Battle of Waterloo with a mixed army of allies and surrendered to England, which resulted in his being sent to the island of Santhelena. Napoleon, after spending 6 years of traveling life, wrote in his will before his death that “I should be buried among the people of France on the banks of the Son River, which I love very much.”
Historians differ, however, over the death of Napoleon Bonaparte. Most believe that he died of stomach cancer. However, some believe that Napoleon was exiled to the island of Saint Helena in 1821 after being defeated in the ‘Battle of Waterloo’, where he died at the age of 52.

But in 2001, French experts tested Napoleon’s hair and found that it contained a poison called ‘Arsenic’. It is believed that the then British governor of Saint Helena, together with the Count of France, conspired to assassinate Napoleon. But according to American scientists, the treatment given to Napoleon’s disease killed him.


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