Gorkha War: Know why the British did not make Nepal a part of India

Gorkha War: Know why the British did not make Nepal a part of India


The Gurkha War took place between the British Indian government and Nepal in 1816 AD. The Governor-General of India at that time was Lord Hastings. With the capture of East India Company in Gorakhpur district in 1801 AD, the company’s state reached the border of Nepal.

This was a problem for both the states. The Nepalese could not spread their kingdom towards the north, as there was powerful China and Himalayas in the north, so these people could spread their kingdom towards the south only. But with the company becoming a state in the south, their spread was hampered. Therefore, there was a conflict between the two sides.

In 1814, the Gorkhas attacked three police stations of Butbal, which were under the authority of the company, in the north of Basti district (Uttar Pradesh), as a result the company fought against Nepal. Announced The first British campaign failed and the British could not take control of the Nepalese capital. British commander General Jillespie was killed at the time of the attack on the fort of Kalang.

The British army also lost in the battle of Jaitak. But in 1815, the English campaign was more successful. The British captured Almora, which was in the possession of Nepal in those days, and forced the Gorkhas in Maloun’s fort to surrender. See full story in this video… ..

Gorkha War


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