First Search Engine in the World Is?

First Search Engine in the World: Today, hardly anyone other than First Google will be remembered as soon as the name of First Search Engine came up, but even when Google was not conceived.

Search Engine was created at that time and that was Word First Search Engine, its name was Archie: Let’s know some interesting things about the world’s first search engine Archie.

World’s First Search Engine Archie

Google was launched in 1996, but before that a search engine for the Internet was created. Its name was Archie, it was created 10 september 1990 i.e. 6 years before Google, it was made By Alan Emtage. It was a Pre-Web Internet Search Engine, in which public File Transfer Protocol (FTP) archives were indexed.

It is called Pre-Web Internet Search Engine because it was created even before WWW ie World Wide Web came into existence in 1991.

Now let’s talk Alan Emtage was born on November 27, 1964. He was a student of McGill University, Montreal (Montreal), Quebec (Canada).

He received a Masters degree in Computer Science from McGill University. In the meantime Emtage was a team As part of the system.

Which was working on an Internet link. Emtage worked as a system administrator with the Archie search engine, following which Yahoo, Google came into existence.

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First Search Engine in the World

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