Fibre – An Overview of Fibres, their Sources, Types, and their

Fibre – An Overview of Fibres, their Sources, Types, and their

Fibers are those series of solids that are hundreds or thousands of times more than their length-width.

Synthetic Fibers: Synthetic fibers are polymers made by combining several simple molecules. Synthetically prepared fibers are called fibers. Examples- Rayon, Nylon Polyester etc.

Key synthetic fibers

Nylon: The word Noylan is derived from “NY” in New York City and “LON” in London. Nylon is made by polymerization of small organic molecules, which are not naturally available. This is an example of a poly amide fiber, in which the amide group (> CONH2) is on each unit, and is repeated repeatedly.

Nylon was the first man-made fiber. It was first built in 1935 and at the business level in 1939, it was made of socks for women. Noylan is used in fishing nets, parasite cloths, tires, teeth, brushes, ropes for mountaineering, etc.
Rayon: An artificial fiber made of cellulose is called rayon. Cellulose paper pulp or wood is taken to make rayon. It is treated with concentrates and cold sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide, after which the solution of this cellulose is reduced to dilute sulfuric acid through holes made in metal cylinders, here it becomes long fibers. Rayon is chemically similar to yarn. Rayon is used in making cloth, in carpeting, in medicine, for making lint or netting.
Polyester: It was developed in England. To synthesize this, two hydroxyl (—OH) group-containing carbon compounds are reacted with two carbosilic (—COOH) group compounds.

The reaction between the hydroxyl and carboxylic groups results in the formation of ester groups. Since this fiber has many ester groups, it is called polyester. Polyesters are used as cloth, for making sail boats, for making hose pipes used in fire fighting, etc.
Carbon Fibers: Carbon fibers are made up of long chains of carbon atoms. They do not cause corrosion. Its synthetic fibers are heated in the absence of oxygen, causing the fibers to decompose to produce carbon fiber. It is used in making spacecraft and sports equipment.


Overview of Fibres


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