Effective home remedies to control low blood pressure

Effective home remedies to control low blood pressure

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If you also get dizzy often and you feel weakness then you may have blood pressure work and you are a victim of low blood pressure. But do not worry, today we are telling you in this post about some home remedies that can help you get rid of your problem. Today we are going to tell you about some home remedies for low blood pressure control.

This condition arises due to excessive mental labor, division, lack of food items or physical weakness. Many people ignore it. Some people get upset by going round the doctor. But there are some home remedies which are more useful for controlling low blood pressure.

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  • Put 50 grams of desi gram and 10 grams of raisins in 100 grams of water overnight in any glass vessel, in the morning chew the gram with raisins and eat it well, and drink the water too. If you can not get desi gram, then take only raisins. With this method, your blood pressure will be normal within a few weeks.
  • Friends, blood pressure is controlled by eating apple and amla marmalade every day.
  • Soak 3,4 kernels of almonds in water at night, and in the morning after peeling them, mix 15 grams of butter and sugar with almonds and eat almond kernels will keep your blood pressure under control.
  • Beet juices prove to be very effective for maintaining the low blood pressure. You should drink beet juice daily in the morning and evening, you will be able to improve your blood pressure throughout the week.
  • Mixing 10 grams of honey in 2 grams of gooseberry juice and taking it for a few days in the morning helps to relieve low blood pressure.
  • Mix lemon juice and rock salt in finely chopped pieces of ginger, and eat it in small amounts several times a day before meals, this will keep your blood pressure under control. Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure
  • If someone is suffering from low blood pressure and who often gets dizzy, lick amla juice mixed with honey gives quick relief to patients with low blood pressure.
  • Boiling 2,3 dates in milk at night, eating dates and drinking milk improves low blood pressure.
  • Make a mixture by taking the same amount of spices, camphor and cinnamon, and take three grams of it with warm water in the morning and evening, your blood pressure will improve in a few days.
  • Drinking a little black pepper, salt mixed with 200 grams of tomato juice is beneficial in low blood pressure. In high blood pressure, where the patient suffers from the loss of salt, in low blood pressure, patients benefit from the intake of salt. Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure
  • Drinking a mixture of salt, roasted cumin and a little toasted asafetida in 200 grams of whey also helps in the diagnosis of this problem.
  • Garlic is very beneficial for the patients of low blood pressure, regular intake of it also gives relief in the problem of low blood pressure.
  • Mixing lemon with water or with salad etc. also helps in reducing blood pressure quickly by eating it daily.
  • Drinking 50 grams of spinach mixed with 200 grams of carrot juice is very beneficial for low blood pressure patients.
  • Along with this, the food available to the blood pressure patient should be full of nutrients. And at the same time, patients with blood pressure, such as walking, cycling and swimming also prove to be very beneficial.

So it was friends, some home remedies to control low blood pressure, hope you all would have liked our post. Thank you.


Effective home remedies to control low blood pressure

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