Digital Marketing-The Easiest Way to Earn Money From Home

Friends, before understanding digital marketing, online internet marketing, we have to understand what marketing is once. In simple words, marketing a product to a market / market / people in a process is called marketing.

All this is a complete process, the main purpose of this process is to sell the product. Gradually, many changes have been made in this marketing process, new methods have been introduced, and the most important and effective method of all of these is digital and online marketing.

What is Digital or Online Internet Marketing?

Friends Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing and Online Marketing all of these mean almost the same, the whole process is the same, whatever you say. Here, if you read Digital Marketing separately, two different words come out.

Digital means Internet content whereas marketing means product to market. So friends, if it is said in clear terms, Digital Marketing means to make the product accessible to the people through internet or digital way, online.

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Friends, as technology developed, so did the changes in marketing methods. Today, if you want to market a product, then the digital or Internet method is considered the most successful. And the reason for this is also because today people spend most of their time on the internet.

And this number is increasing day by day. Friends, how many political parties in India are also promoting their party through online propagation. One of the biggest advantages of online advertising is that it is very cheap and it can also be geographical / locality wise, age wise.

Why only Marketing?

Internet data has become very cheap in India today, and due to this reason people have started using the Internet more and more, it has become common to connect with the Internet through social media, online web series, online news / movies etc.

Today no one likes sitting at home watching TV, listening to the radio or reading the newspaper. People are moving out of these and moving towards digital, and their number is increasing day by day. The biggest growth of digital marketing.

The reason is that internet and digital mobile are cheap. If we want to reach our product to the people. Then we have to use such a medium so that we can connect with more and more people. Today, through social media, online blog, website, online selling platform, we can stay connected with more and more people.

What is the major platform of Digital Marketing?

As digital marketing is advancing, its form and methods are also changing. If you look at the history of marketing. It started with the arrival of Google, but at that time internet and mobile phones were not so cheap that everyone should use them.

But gradually their cheaper and with the introduction of Android mobile in the hands of people, it has increased even more.

In today’s time, the biggest platforms of marketing are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Blogs etc. Here I am listing the name of some of the biggest social media. Online marketing / selling website, which are trending in the market.


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