What is Cloud Computing System? How it Works

Cloud Computing system :Hello friends. In this post, we are going to know what cloud computing is – what are the advantages of cloud computing. What is the type of cloud computing? What is a cloud service model? Before you know what cloud computing is, you should know what cloud is? What are clouds

What is cloud?

In the computer world, the term cloud refers to the network or the Internet. In other words, we can say that the cloud is something that exists in a remote place. The cloud can provide services over private and public networks, ie, WAN, LAN or VPN.

It stores information and data on physical or virtual servers and is overseen by cloud computing providers such as Amazon and their AWS product as a personal or business cloud computing user, you can access your stored data on the cloud via an internet connection Can reach.

I hope you don’t have any confusion about “What is cloud”, so let’s now know what cloud computing is?

What is Cloud Computing?

In simple words, cloud computing is a technology through which services such as Infrastructure, Platform Application, Data Storage are provided through the Internet.

In other words, cloud computing is a kind of Internet-based computing, in which data and resources are shared on demand for Computer and other Devises. Using Cloud Computing means storing your files in a location that is on the Cloud instead of your system’s Local Drive, in Cloud Computing “Cloud” means the Internet.

In cloud computing, data is stored on physical servers that are maintained and controlled by the cloud computing provider. In cloud storage no need to store information on your own hard drive. Instead, it is stored at the cloud store, and you can access it from any location scaring the Internet. (Cloud Computing system)


Why cloud computing only?

This question must also be coming in your mind that “Why Cloud Computing is the same – Why Cloud Computing”, then I will try my best to remove this Confusion too.

Indeed, small as well as some large IT companies follow traditional methods to provide IT infrastructure. This means that for any IT company, we need a server room, which is the basic need of IT companies.

In the Server Room we need a database server, mail server, networking, firewall, router, modem, switch, QPS (Query Per Second means how much queries or load will be handled by the server), required configurable system, high net speed and maintenance Engineers.

Companies have to spend a lot of money to establish all these things. To overcome all these problems and reduce the cost of IT infrastructure, cloud computing comes into existence. There are many more advantages of using Cloud Computing which are mentioned below in the details.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Friends, if you talk about the benefits of cloud computing, then it has many advantages and that is why this technology is advancing so fast and in the coming days it will create more space in the market.

In today’s time, we all use cloud computing, when you update a status on your Facebook or WhatsApp account, or when you check your bank account balance on the phone or watch a video on YouTube. Computing is the same. Today we can say that cloud computing services are becoming common and everyone is using it.


According to estimates, 90% of businesses in the United Kingdom are using Cloud Computing. Have you ever wondered why so many businesses are moving towards this? This is simply because cloud computing has many advantages. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using cloud computing.

Cloud Computing system

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