Try to do the opposite to calm the mind, do the opposite posture, learn more its countless benefits

Try to do the opposite to calm the mind, do the opposite posture, learn more its countless benefits
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Opposite Karni posture is also called inverted pose or legs up the wall pose. Opposite in this pose means “upside down” and kari means “doing”. That is, while doing this pose you have to elevate the feet. It is believed that this asana can remove aging signs and benefits the body, mind and spirit. It is indeed an excellent and relaxing posture. Performing this pose has many health benefits. Along with this, this asana is also beneficial in calming the mind. Know what to do opposite currency and know about the ways and benefits of doing it. Try to do the opposite to calm the mind

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The way to do the opposite

  • Opposite doing posture is a form of restorative posture. To do this mudra, a lot of people do it using pillows or folded blankets etc. Initially, these things can be resorted to in order to perform this asana. The way to do this asana is as follows:
  • To do the opposite posture, first choose a quiet place, which is near the wall. Now sit at this place in such a way that your legs are spread in front of the ground. With this, the left part of your body is also touching the wall. When you become proficient, you can do it without any support.
  • Now take a deep breath, exhale and lie on your back. Keep the back of the feet close to the wall by turning the soles of the feet upwards. You may need to move a bit to be comfortable in this type of situation.
  • Now raise the lower part of your torso. Push the hands under the hips and use the elbows as the base.
  • Keep the lower part of your torso in an oblique position. Keep in mind that during this time, your legs are straight and the back and neck are firmly grounded.
  • Some people also use pillows or floated blankets to give their back a rest. You can also use them if you want.
  • When you feel comfortable in this position, shift your hands below your waist and raise both your legs up to a 90 degree angle.
  • During this, keep taking a deep breath and stay in this position according to your convenience. Initially do this for 30-60 seconds.
  • By practicing again and again you can do it for longer. Doing this asana 3 – 5 minutes every day is enough for health benefits. However, people also do it for 15 minutes for spiritual benefit. Try to do the opposite to calm the mind

Benefits of doing opposite yoga
The benefits of contrasting posture are as follows:

Relief in hypothyroidism
This asana can increase the flow of blood around the neck area as well as the thyroid glands. By stimulating the thyroid glands, doing the opposite, asana is effective in relieving the condition of hypothyroidism. Since, the thyroid gland controls the effectiveness of other hormones. Therefore, this asana helps other endocrine glands to function properly.

Beneficial for feet and legs
This asana relaxes the legs and legs. In addition, by performing this yoga yoga, the front part of the torso, legs and the back of the neck stretch well. By which these organs of the body benefit. Even if there is mild pain in the back, this asana relieves this pain. Try to do the opposite to calm the mind

Beneficial for the brain
Doing opposite postures soothes our mind. Which removes anxiety and mild depression. That is, this asana is also beneficial for mental health.

As stated, this Yogasana calms the mind, so it is also effective in curing diseases like insomnia.

Reduce the effects of age
It is believed that by doing this posture for 6 months, the problems of hair becoming white and wrinkles are removed. This asana is beneficial in removing the effects of age.

Other benefits of contrasting posture

  • This yogasana is beneficial in relieving the problem of arthritis.
  • This asana is also useful in removing digestive problems.
  • This yogasana provides relief to the headache and migraine.
  • Opposite posture is beneficial in eliminating blood pressure.
  • This asana can also be useful in preventing respiratory diseases.
  • Performing this asana is beneficial in urinary disorders.
  • This yogaasana can be done during menstruation to overcome the problems of cramps and menopause.
  • Opposite doing postures is effective in improving the immune system.

Under which conditions do not do it

  • Do the opposite of posture in these situations:
  • This asana is a mild inverted posture and should be avoided during menstruation and pregnancy.
  • If you have a serious problem like eye disease (cataract), then also avoid doing this asana.
  • If you have severe back and neck problems, do this yoga asana under the guidance of a yoga expert.
  • Do the opposite posture in case of high blood pressure or dizziness.
  • Doing the opposite posture should not be done in the event of injury to the hip or knee.
  • Patients with glaucoma, hypertension or hernia should also not do this yoga practice.
  • This asana has an effect on the spinal cord, therefore it is advisable to do this asana slowly.


Do the opposite of posture as per your choice. Doing any Yogasana without learning and on the advice of the doctor can cause adverse effects of these asanas. Therefore, before performing any asana, consult a doctor or a specialist. It is advisable to do this asana under the direction of a yoga expert.

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Try to do the opposite to calm the mind

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