Biography of Govinda

 Biography of Govinda

Early life

Biography of Govinda: Govinda was born on 21 December 1963 in Mumbai. Govinda’s father Arun Ahuja lived in Gujranwala, Punjab before partition. Arun Ahuja came to Mumbai at the behest of veteran filmmaker Mehboob Khan. After coming to Mumbai in 1937, Mehboob Khan gave him an opportunity to act in his film Ekta Rasta. Govinda’s mother Nazim was a Muslim. After converting, he named his name Nirmala Devi. Nirmala Devi was also a film actress, when Govinda came to Hindi cinema. It was a period of action and romance. At that time there was no hero in the field of comedy. Who could play the lead role in the film.

The arrival of Govinda has revived the era of comedy-filled films in Hindi films. It would not be wrong to say. Govinda was not only excellent in comedy but also had no answer in dance and drama. Movies like Hero Number One, Raja Babu will remain as a sample of Govinda’s smiling artistry for a long time to come. In Bollywood, people today undoubtedly consider Govinda as a potato of samosa. But there was a time when Govinda used to mean hit films.

With his comedy and dance style, he started a new chapter in Bollywood. At the time when Govinda came into the world of acting, most of the action films were in abundance at that time. At such a time, Govinda showed courage to play comedian out of the box and he was successful in it.

Superhit films

In the 1980s, Govinda did a lot of family, drama, action and romance films. In the 80s, he made his mark in Bollywood as an action hero. Then in the 90s he made his mark as a comedian. At a time when his films were constantly getting failures, he made a comeback with Amitabh Bachchan and gave a superhit film. In the upcoming Dashko, he played the role of NCC cadet in the 1992 film Shola and Shabnam. In which he worked with Divya Bharti.

But then after filming a lot of flops at the box office in 2000, he collaborated with the film Akshay Kumar on Bhaagam Bhaag (2006), Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif as Partner (2007), Life Partner (2007), Life Partner (2009) Like many successful films. After this, in 2015, he also played the role of a judge on G-TV’s dance reality show, Dance India Dance Super Mom Season 2, replacing Mithun Chakraborty.

On 5 January 1994, there was a painful accident with Govinda while going to the studio to shoot the Khudadar film. Govinda’s car crashed into another car and caused serious head injury. But still Govinda did not refuse to shoot, but he worked till midnight after showing the doctor once.

Govinda’s career

Govinda’s career started with the film ‘Iljam’ which was a super hit at the box office, after which he worked in many films and his work was appreciated by all, the time between 1990 and 1999 was very good for his films. And his performance was well received by critics and audiences, as well as his success at the box office, he has played two roles in many films and Phil In ‘Had Kar Di Aapne‘, he did a lot when he played the role of 6 different members of the same family, he himself also has the title of ‘No 1′ because at the end of the name of his 6 films’ No. 1 ‘is attached

He has worked with almost every actor of his time, his world of dancing skills is crazy and in the film industry he is also known as a good dancer, hardly anyone in the art of making the same facial expressions with dance Better, Govinda joined the Congress party in 2004 and after that he was appointed as Member of Parliament House in the Lok Sabha elections from Mumbai. Was. He won by 50,000 votes in the election.

At the time of the election, he stated that his agenda is migration, health and knowledge. In the field of migration, he has done many works in Borivali-Virar. According to official sources, he also did many works in the field of health and education. Where was the Thane district collector in an interview, Govinda recovered from his “Local Area Development Fund” and paid for the problem of drinking water in Virar.

Bad phase in his career

Govinda also had to go through a bad phase in his career. He says that he realized during the bad phase of his career that people in the industry only pay attention to those who succeed. Govinda said that it was a difficult period for him because Insttree is in the hands of some people. It all depends on the release and success of your films. Govinda said that success will be wonderful, then people will talk to you. Govinda also believed that he should not join politics. He said that he failed to establish himself in the area.

Govinda has worked on the big screen as well as the small screen. He played host to Sony TV show ‘Jeeto Chappar Phad Ke’ in 2001. After this Govinda also worked in ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’. In 2015, Govinda became a judge on Zee TV’s popular dance reality show ‘Dance India Dance Super Moms Season 2’.

Govinda has been awarded many awards from time to time for his commendable performance. Govinda was nominated for the Filmfare Award for 1994 film Aankhen. After this he also got a nomination for ‘Coolie No 1’. In 1997, he received the Filmfare Award for the film ‘Saajan Chale Sasural’.

Nominations for Films

Nominations were also received in 1998 for ‘Deewana Mastana’ and in 1999 for ‘Bade Miya Chote Mian’. In 2000, he was awarded the Filmfare Best Comedian Award for the film ‘Hasina Maan Jayegi’. It was followed by Filmfare nominations in 2001 for ‘Shikari’ and ‘Kunvara’, in 2002 for ‘Jodi No 1’ and ‘Because I Don’t Lie’ and in 2003 for ‘Ankhi Se Goli Mare’.


Interesting fact

  •  Govinda slapped an audience Santosh Rai on the set of the film Mani Hai Toh Honey Hai. Santosh was accused of abusing the girls in the film’s crew and did not leave even after Govinda prayed. Santosh Rai filed a case regarding Chante by the Mumbai High Court, which was rejected. Later this case was also filed in the Supreme Court. In December 2015, the Supreme Court asked Govinda to apologize.
  • Govinda survived dying while going to shoot for the film Khudadar. His car crashed into another car. He did not cancel the shooting despite a deep head injury and bleeding.
  •  As a Member of Parliament, Govinda has faced a lot of criticism. He is accused of not meeting the people of his area and ignoring their problems. Especially during the July 2005 rains in which 450 people lost their lives.
  •  Govinda’s first job was a compost advertisement. His first lead role in the films was in the film directed by his Uncle Anand.
  •  Govinda shot his second film Love 86 in June 1985 and by the middle of July had completed 40 more films. Govinda has been nominated for Filmfare twelve times so far. He has won a Special Filmfare, a Filmfare in the Best Comedian category and four Zee Cine Awards.

Interesting fact

  •  Govinda’s first release was ‘Iljam’ which made a big hit at the box office and became the fifth hit film of the year 1986. The song ‘Street Dancer’ of the film dominated all those days and Govinda became a dancing star overnight.
  •  Govinda first worked with director David Dhawan in the film ‘Mighty’, then in the 90s, acted in about 17 films including ‘Swarg’, ‘Shola aur Shabnam’, ‘Coolie No.1’, ‘Raja’ There were films like ‘Babu’, ‘Saajan Chale Sasural’, ‘Banarsi Babu’, ‘Deewana Mastana’, ‘Hero No.1’, ‘Bade Miyan Chhoti Mian’, ‘Hasina Maan Jaayegi’ and ‘Aankhen’. Till now he has done almost 165 Hindi films. He was ranked tenth on the BBC News Online poll’s list of the most voted voters.
  •  Govinda married Sunita ji and they have a daughter Tina Ahuja and a son Yashvardhan. Govinda’s daughter Tina Ahuja also made her Bollywood debut with the film ‘Second Hand Husband‘.

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Biography of Govinda | Biography of Govinda | Biography of Govinda

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