Bhangarh: The beauty of a princess destroyed it

Bhangarh: The beauty of a princess destroyed it

Many of you may have heard many stories of ghosts. Some true and some false. Today we are going to tell you about Asia’s biggest and mysterious haunted place in this post. Which is located in Rajasthan, India. Yes friends, today we are going to tell you about the secret of Bhangarh.

The fort of Bhangarh is very mysterious. Even the “Archaeological Survey of India” has forbidden people to come here after sunset. Many news channels and scientists tried to solve the mystery of Bhangarh. Why this fort is said to be the most mysterious and haunted fort in the world. But even today, this fort of Bhangarh, which holds its secrets, stands up gracefully. Friends, before knowing the ghost of Bhangarh Fort, you have to know the whole story of Bhangarh.

History of Bhangarh
Friends, the history of Bhangarh says that this fort of Bhangarh was built by Bhagwan Das for his son Madhav Das. Princess Ratnavati, the daughter of Madhav Das, was very beautiful. The discussion of the beauty of the princess spread far and wide. He used to live a tantric named Scindia near Bhangarh Fort. Who specializes in black magic. One day Princess Ratnavati went with her maids to bring perfume to Johri Bazar of the state there. The same Scindia tantric’s eye fell on Princess Ratnavati. He was fascinated by her beauty upon seeing the tantric princess. And he wanted to get the princess in any case. The tantric then did a trick to get the princess. The perfume princess liked, the tantric performed black magic in that perfume bottle. But some of the townspeople got the idea. And she told the princess

After knowing this, Princess Ratnavati threw the perfume bottle outside the palace. The perfume bottle fell on a rock. Due to which the trick of that sly tantrik backfired. And due to the black magic, that rock started getting attracted towards that tantric, and that rock went and fell on the tantric’s chest. Then, while dying, the tantric cursed Bhangarh Fort, that Bhangarh will never be happy now. And all its inhabitants will be killed. People also believe that a few days later, all the residents and princesses of Bhangarh were also killed. Many people also believe that even today he tries to find the princess in the tantric palace. Even today, in the fort of Bhangarh, people can hear the voice of Payal of the feet of Princess Ratnavati. And in many rooms of the palace, people feel as if someone is strangling them. Bhangarh: The beauty of a princess destroyed it

Due to many interesting and interesting stories of this type, the fort of Bhangarh is famous among tourists. But the scientists’ perspective on these stories tells something else. During the investigation of scientists, it was found that there is negative energy in the fort of Bhangarh. And the most negative energy was found in Princess Ratnavati’s room. But they could not find any concrete evidence that there is a shadow of ghosts. Scientists believe that there is some kind of energy in that room due to the rapid impact of water under Princess Ratnavati’s room.

According to historians, a war broke out between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh shortly after the occultist died. And due to which excessive residents of Bhangarh were killed. And this fort of Bhangarh collapsed. And due to the collapse of these palaces, there has been no air operation there. Because of which, when people go there, it seems as if someone is strangling them there.

Friends, what do you think about this fort of Bhangarh? Is this fort of Bhangarh really haunted? or not. You must tell us through comments. Thank you.

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