Best Terrace Gardening Tips

Best Terrace Gardening Tips
Terrace Gardening

Terrace Garden aspires to be no less. This season is favorable for fulfilling his wish. Take care of some things related to the arrangements for bringing greenery on the roof and then see how the garden on the roof blossoms.

Firstly Water Proofing
Water Proofing on the entire roof is very important before preparing the garden. Without it, this greenery cannot bring you peace because the constant moisture can spread to the walls below and make them weak.

Waiting for perfect weather
This is the best season to prepare for garden gardening. During the rainy season, the soil settles quickly and the plants also get a fast growing environment.

Compost of leftovers
You should try to prepare the compost of this garden using the remaining ingredients of the kitchen. Seek advice from any knowledgeable person about the soil and then keep adding Kitchen Waste.

Weight gain
Increasing the weight on the roof is not a wise thing. Use plastic bags and avoid heavy cement pots. In this way you will spend a lot of money.

Put it on the roof
You can easily apply tomatoes, ladyfinger, brinjals, spinach etc. on the roof. It depends on the size of the roof what you will get. Some people even apply oranges, grapes, lemon and banana. You can plant Hybrid seeds, they are very beneficial for Terrace Garden and can be found very easily.

Water twice a day

Let the rain fall, but the plants on the roof usually need to be watered twice a day. Vegetables or fruits should not be planted, which require more water. This will increase water consumption in the home. Before setting the garden, decide whether you will be able to spend this much water or not.

Take care of every plant
It is your responsibility to take care of every plant on the terrace, so you should be aware of its need and the place to be kept. The choice of place means the sunlight it receives. There are some plants that need only 50 percent sunlight whereas plants like rose need 75 percent sunlight. You also have to arrange the necessary shade for them.

Many advantages
The biggest advantage of having a garden on the roof is that there is a lot of coolness inside the house. When vegetables start growing in it, the quota of four days a week can be fulfilled from here easily. The movement of birds will increase and the butterfly will hover, creating an overall lively atmosphere.

Best Terrace Gardening Tips

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