Benefits of pet falcon in Free Fire

Benefits of pet falcon: The new Pet Falcon in FREE FIRE is now available to all players and may soon become the most used pet in the game. Keeping this in mind, we will give you complete information about Falcon.

In Falcon’s skill level FREE FIRE:
Skill Level 1: Increase speed by 15% while using glider and increase fall speed by 25% after parachute opens.

The Skill Level 2: Increase speed by 30% when using glider and increase fall speed by 37% after parachute opens.

Skill Level 3: Increase the speed by 45% when using the glider and increase the fall speed by 50% after the parachute opens.

Glider is not available in the FREE FIRE ranks right now, so let’s take a look at Falcon’s parachute skills.

At most, the Falcon can reduce the parachute’s normal time by half. It usually takes 20 seconds for the player to descend from the parachute but the Falcons can land in only 10 seconds.

Falcon Pet Benefit in FREE FIRE

Using a player’s Falcon can be beneficial for the entire team because it makes you land quickly and it will be of great benefit in competitive games too when two teams are going one place. If any one player also has a Falcon, then the speed of landing of the entire team will increase. At the same time if a player is using Falcon’s abilities then the other players’ qualifications become useless as Falcon’s ability becomes valid for the entire team. This thing should be kept in mind while preparing the squad.

Benefits of pet falcon

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