Android Vs iOS Comparison | Who’s The Best Smartphone Operating System

Android Vs iOS Comparison | Who’s The Best Smartphone Operating System
Android VS Ios

Today in this post, we will talk about android vs iOS which operating system is better and how does Konasa give features to its users or which one has any shortcomings.

Both Android and iOS are very popular operating systems. Both have great devices in the market and both provide very good features to their users. Both are constantly improving themselves and are finding themselves becoming stronger than each other.

So let’s know who is the best in terms of features in both android and iOS and what are the deficiencies.


1 iOS has these features –
2 Easy App Switching
3 Best 3D Touch
4 Superb Quality Apps
5 The Best Camera Quality
6 Better Permission Facility
7 Better Touch ID
These features are available in Android 8 or drawbacks in iOS –
9 No Gestures or Shortcuts Features on iPhone
10 iPhone Me Live Caller Feature Nhi
11 Auto SMS Blocking
12 Android’s Screen Quality Is Best
13 No Customization and Launchers On iOS
14 Some Basic Is Very Hard On iPhone
15 What is Android Root and how to Root Smartphone

These features are available in iOS –
If you talk about iOS then iOS gives you many good features, such as –

Easy App Switching
Frozen live in the apps background in iOS. Memory, CPU and battery usage is minimized for that app, but it is useful to access the app immediately. Even the fastest android phone will be delayed by a few seconds.

Best 3D Touch
3D Touch works on three levels of pressure. Normal touch, slightly rigid touch to peak and light hard touch to pop. This makes the work faster.

Superb Quality Apps
If you use the same app on both iOS and android platforms, then you will know that apps work well on iOS and look good. Some developers release apps first on iOS.

The Best Camera Quality
The iPhone has a great camera and the 6S Hardware has an iSight camera with a 12-megapixel image sensor. Their performance is quite good even in low light. The 6 S Plus has optical image stabilization feature.

Better Permission Facility
With the app Permission, you allow developers many things, such as location, access to photo albums, cameras and microphones. Everything has to be agreed before installing the app in android phone.

Better Touch ID
The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Touch ID works super fast. This is actually so fast because it manages to show the Lock Screen Notification for a few seconds.

These features are found in Android or drawbacks in iOS –
You have learned about some of the tremendous features of iOS, but in some cases or features, iOS seems to be lagging behind Android and Android looks good. Know what are the drawbacks in iOS and what are the stronger features of android than iOS.

No Gestures or Shortcuts Features on iPhone
Double Tap and Screen-Off Gestures are good features. You can see notifications when you pick up the phone without pressing the power button. The display turns off when holding the phone. The iPhone does not have this feature.

iPhone Me Live Caller Feature Nhi
The truecaller app on Android turns the wrong callers as Spem. There is a truecaller on iOS, but it acts like a directory.

Auto SMS Blocking
The truecaller and SMS Blocker easily replace the stock SMS app on Android phones. At the same time, contacts have to be manually blocked when spam is found on iOS.

Android’s Screen Quality Is Best
The iPhone’s screen is good, but when compared to the best screen, there are understandable looks. Samsung uses super Amoled in Flagship models. In this case, the iPhone appears weak.

No Customization and Launchers On iOS
Android users will get limited customization on iOS.

It is limited to wallpaper, ringtones and sound and icon packs. Its interface is the same since the first iphone arrived.

Some Basic Is Very Hard On iPhone
Sharing is easy on Android. Options will be available by pressing the share button. Bluetooth transfer is also easy. App is required to do this on iOS. Can use USB OTG on android, but cannot do so on iOS.


So finally if said, some features make android better then some iOS. iOS is quite expensive and if you want good features in android then android will also be expensive. Now it is up to you which features you give more importance and which operating system you choose.

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Android Vs iOS Comparison

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