American Civil War

American Civil War: America may be seen as a major superpower of the world today, but the truth is that it has reached here even after suffering the brunt of civil war. When America became the United States after the revolution of 1776 – 1783, the big question in front of it was how it would proceed.

Gradually, while searching for the answer to this question, around 1861, the situation became such that America had to face civil war.

Lakhs of people were killed and thousands were rendered homeless in this bloody conflict. It is said that since then America had walked on a new path. So let’s try to understand the layers associated with this war one by one:

Then America was battling with the ‘economic gap’!

After the American Revolution, the United States was growing rapidly on the track of development. The only problem was, then, a huge economic gap between the northern and southern states. On the one hand industries were flourishing in good numbers in its northern states.

On the other hand, the southern states were far behind in this matter. The people here lived on agriculture, but they were dependent on black slaves for this. This was the reason why he was against freeing these slaves.

Apart from this, the trade policy of the United Nations was beneficial for the northern states, but the people of the south could not take advantage of it. This was a gap, without which America could not become a superpower.

American Civil War

But, alas, initially he did not pay special attention to it. Gradually the people of the south started protesting mainly about the prohibition of slavery and the trade policy.

He believed that he had an absolute right to accept or not to accept any policy of the United States. With this ideology he continued to protest and raised the voice of maintaining the slave system.

This act was not liked by the southern states. He strongly opposed this. Even they fought violently in many places. He intensified his voice with fierceness and said that if slavery was stopped, he would break away from the United States.

This was becoming a concern. Due to this the situation became serious, which was becoming uncontrollable day by day. Later a consensus was formed in this matter. Under this, it was said that SENET cannot remove slavery from any state.

In the midst of all this, a new political party named Republican emerged. It was a new political entity based on the principle of abolition of slavery. Lincoln was the main face of this group.

He believed that any state could abolish slavery within its borders. Nothing wrong in that. Due to his statement, the southern states became angry with him.

Lincoln’s victory’ changed the equation

In 1860, Lincoln contested and won the Presidential election on behalf of his party.

As soon as he won the election, Lincoln addressed a general meeting and said that if there is a split in a house, then that house cannot run for long.

This United States cannot be divided into half free and half slave. It is necessary to tie it together. The result of this statement of Lincoln was that in the days ahead, South Carolina called a convention and passed a resolution to secede from the United States.

By February of 1861, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas followed this policy and were separated from the United States. This is how Lincoln’s protest started. Gradually, the central rule in Washington was beginning to weaken. It is believed that it was from here that the civil war got its air.

A peace conference was also held in Washinton in February 1861, to end the continuous protests, but it was ineffective. No permanent solution could be found from this.

…and the Confederate States waged a ‘civil war’
Meanwhile, on 12 April 1861 AD, the guns of the non-federal states disturbed the peace of Charleston port. The Confederate States waged a civil war by shelling Fort Sumter displayed here. This created an atmosphere of chaos. People started feeling insecure.

The states of the sea,

The Mississippi Valley and the former coast were the main centers of this civil war. The real power of the army was with the federal states, but it was not assembled. She was scattered here and there.

On the other hand, the rebel states surrounded the southern coast. It was a place from where clothes, gunpowder and medicines were imported. It was halted after the war broke out. However, the Confederate states soon forced the South’s largest city, Newaleans, to kneel.

It was a big blow to the South. After this, it was as if he went on the back foot. Further, he could not even face the Confederate army in the Mississippi Valley. Virginia also got out of his hand.

However, in 1863 AD. When I went to war in the Non-Confederate, he had a great start. But he could not maintain it further. Soon the federal army won the game.

1864 AD By the time he arrived,

the results of the war were beginning to be seen. The non-federalists were not able to stand anywhere in front of the federal army. Further, by evacuating South Carolina’s capital Columbia, the Federal Army had taken Charleston in its name.

Eventually the undisputed leader of the South, Robert E. Lee, had to surrender. With this victory, the celebration of victory was celebrated in Washington. It is said that millions of American people were killed in this war.

At the same time, the nomination of the houses of thousands of people was over. Especially the people of the southern states. For a long time, the people there were seen weeping thinking about the bitter memories of this war.

After the end of the civil war, it was believed that a policy of harshness would be adopted towards the non-federal ie southern states. But he was treated well. A few days later the constitution was amended and the freedom of slaves was sealed.

American Civil War

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