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ai and machine learning
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology – Technology is developing very fast in today’s era. New new technology is being introduced and many new technologies are being worked on. Today, such a technology has been developed that seemed impossible 10-15 years ago. As time goes by, many new technologies are coming out in the world which can make the work of humans easier.

One such latest technology is being developed, which is known as Artificial intelligence (AI). Nowadays every big company is working on Artificial Intelligence and has developed this technology to a great extent. Today we also have many examples of Artificial intelligence (AI) and we are also using them.

The phase we are in today, we can call it the initial phase of Artificial intelligence technology or its first stage. It has already started to develop, but the time to come will be entirely of artificial intelligence and it will be fully developed in a few years.

If you are also interested in technology or know and use technology, then I hope that you have heard about Artificial intelligence before today. Or it may be that you have heard about it, but do not fully know what Artificial intelligence is. So if you want to know about Artificial intelligence in full detail, then this post today is going to help you a lot in knowing and understanding about Artificial Intelligence Technology.

In today’s entire post, we are going to talk in detail about Artificial intelligence technology, what is Artificial intelligence, what are its advantages and disadvantages, what are the examples in today’s era of Artificial intelligence and what is the future of Artificial intelligence. . To know, read this entire post till the end. So friends, let’s start and know about Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is also called artificial intelligence in Hindi. Artificial intelligence is not a human or biological intelligence, but a computerized intelligence developed by different machines using new technology. It is a model of computer science or computer programs that has the ability to think, act and act exactly like humans. Artificial intelligence is a group of machines in which all computing systems and programs think and act exactly like humans.

In other words, Artificial intelligence is to develop intelligence in an artificial way or from computers and programs. It is an area of ​​computer science, in which the intelligence of machines is worked, so that the machine can work like a human and take action.

Artificial Intelligence is a plant or machine which tries to achieve its goal by looking at the environment around it and develops itself accordingly. Just like humans do. In artificial intelligence, a machine mimics humans and tries to act like humans by learning new tasks from humans.

Friends, nowadays human wants to do the work of thinking, analyzing and remembering with computerized machines instead of his mind. In such a situation, humans have started developing computers or machines that can help humans. And the research that scientists have done for this work and the technology that has been developed, is called AI – Artificial intelligence.

Now I hope that you have understood what Artificial Intelligence is! Let us know a little more about this and see some examples of AI – Artificial intelligence-

Some examples of Artificial Intelligence –
It is not that artificial intelligence has not yet developed. As I told you that today is the first generation or stage of the beginning of Artificial Intelligence. Today the development of AI technology has evolved to a great extent and we are also using it in our lives.

For example, Google’s Voice Assistant is just a small example of Artificial Intelligence. Apart from this, many companies nowadays make robots which are capable of doing many smart and domestic tasks, they are an example of AI. Apart from this, Apple’s Siri, Computer or Smartphone auto games, Self-driving cars and Amazon’s Echo are also good examples of AI.

Future of Artificial Intelligence (Future)

Now talk about the future of Artificial Intelligence or AI in the coming time, the future will be of AI itself. In the coming 10 years, the development of artificial technology will increase to a great extent and this technology will be used in every major sector of the world. The time to come will be machines and robots made of artificial intelligence technology.

Friends, if you watch science fiction films, in many films, artificial intelligence is shown in very detail. The technology shown in Hollywood or Bollywood films is Artificial Intelligence. Although the technology that is shown in films is not available at the time, but all the films are shown only on the future and the coming artificial intelligence shows the era of AI.

In the Hollywood film Iron Man or Avengers, for example, Tony Stark has Jarvis Artificial Intelligence. The Chitty robot in the robot film is also an example of a developed artificial intelligence. Apart from this, clones in Oblivion, a computer named William shown in foreign Webshow Another Life, Rajni’s character in a tv show, robots in Terminator film, etc. Artificial intelligence is shown in great detail in many films, which are developed today. No, but it is not a difficult task to happen in future.

Scientists are constantly doing good work on Artificial Intelligence Technology and are moving forward and it is likely that this technique will develop a lot in the coming years and the fictionality shown in today’s films will be a reality in the future.

Artificial intelligence: advantages or disadvantages
Friends, it is not like that fully developing artificial intelligence technology can have benefits for us. AI technology has many benefits for humans, so its disadvantages are also very high for us. AI will develop machines that will help humans and will do things that humans are not able to do. At the same time, such machines can also threaten the existence of humans or can also be harmful to humans.

Here I am telling you about the advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence, or you will try to compare it with the advantages or disadvantages of this technology. So let’s start and know about the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence: –

artificial intelligence fayda ya nuksaan

Benefits of artificial intelligence or Artificial intelligence –
In today’s time, artificial intelligence is used in every field like health care, manufacturing, retail, sports, space station, banking and is also benefiting. Know some of its main advantages –

– Use of AI in Medical Sectors is very beneficial. In medicine, various types of x-ray readings, reminding you of your work from time to time and helping you in research are being done. Its increasing development can bring more development and revolution in the field of medicine in the coming times and can benefit.
Artificial intelligence is also being used in the field of sports and it is very beneficial as well, such as live broadcast, photo clicking and streaming and it is playing an important role in strategy making and further development will be beneficial in this field.
Used by financial institutions and banking institutions to organize and manage data. Smartcard systems also use “artificial intelligence”.
Artificial intelligence is used in various studies such as the discovery of space. Information in intelligent robots is filled and sent to explore the space.
Artificial intelligence is used in mining and other fuel exploration processes. Not only this, these complex machines can also be used to search the ocean floor as they are beyond the limits of human.
Used by financial institutions and banking institutions to organize and manage data. Smartcard systems also use “artificial intelligence”.
The use of artificial intelligence is also very beneficial in agriculture. It is beneficial both in yield and savings in farming. With this, you can get more out of less effort and expense in farming. It can prove to be a boon for farmers.

Apart from all these, there are many such benefits which can change our lives. In the coming time, it will be able to do more work than humans in every field. If it grows more in the future and it is made more efficient then it has a lot of benefit.

Disadvantages of Artificial intelligence –

It is not that the use of AI technology will be beneficial for humans. If its development exceeds the limit, then it can become a curse for us and it can also threaten the existence of humans. Know about some of the main disadvantages of artificial intelligence technology –

The biggest disadvantage of artificial intelligence may be that it will increase unemployment. After the development of machines, most of the work will be done by machines or robots. This will reduce the need for human work in every field and increase unemployment.
The machines or robots of the time to come will be able to develop themselves and make dangerous weapons themselves. Such weapons may threaten mankind. Robots can also pose a threat to humans.
Artificial intelligence machines do not have the right to think right and feel like human beings. They can do things that are wrong. for example – murder of a person when he feels threatened.
The use of machines in tasks such as terrorism can prove to be very dangerous and can cause a lot of havoc.
It can also be misused in war and all countries may have to suffer a lot of it.
Apart from this, due to its increasing use in education, it is also possible that schools and colleges etc. should be closed due to this. Because with the help of Artificial Intelligence, all the studies will be started online and with the help of machines. This will reduce jobs.
Apart from all this, there are many disadvantages that we may have to bear in the coming time. Although it does not have its disadvantages right now, it has advantages but in the coming times when its development will be at its peak, then it can harm us and it is completely possible. This technique is a boon for us as well as a curse.

Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning –

Now if you have heard about AI, you must have also heard about machine learning and the question is also coming in your mind that Artificial Intelligence is an artificial knowledge or intelligence created by scientists, then what is machine learning? Is machine learning and artificial intelligence not the same?

No, there is a difference between machine learning and Aritficial intelligence, these two are not the same type of technology. The development and work of both are also different and its composition is also different. Although both are kind of artificial knowledge or intelligence, but still there is a lot of difference between them.

Today in this post I will not be able to tell you about machine learning and what it is and A.I. Technique M.L. Why is different from In the next post, I will tell you in detail about machine learning and deep learning, what are these and A.I. Why are they different from and what and where is it used. For information, you keep following our website.

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