After all, why is the grave of Genghis Khan not found, what is the secret?

After all, why is the grave of Genghis Khan not found, what is the secret?
The enormous Genghis Khan statue in the middle of Badain Jaran desert. This desert is home to some of the tallest stationary dunes on Earth, some reaching a height of more than 500 meters. The desert features over 100 lakes that lie between the dunes, some of which are fresh water while others are extremely saline.

Genghis Khan is a name recorded in the pages of the date, which hardly makes any sense. The stories of his persecution and bravery are famous worldwide.

Whatever areas his troops used to pass through, he would leave behind him a tale of ruin. He was a Mongol ruler to say, but by his sword he had captured a large part of Asia. No one has ever occupied such a large part in history.

All the great emperors, sultans or emperors around the world, even after their deaths, their marks remain in the shape of the tombs. These tombs were probably built because they wanted people to remember them forever. But surprisingly, Genghis Khan had made a strange will for himself. He did not want any trace of him left after he died.

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So he ordered his comrades to bury him in some anonymous place after his death. This was done according to the will. After burying him, the soldiers ran about a thousand horses on his grave and equalized the land in such a way that no trace left.

Eight members have passed since the death of Genghis Khan, a resident of Mongolia. All the missions were carried out on this, but his grave was not known. National Geographic had tried to find his grave through satellite. It was named the Valley of Khan Project.

Interestingly, foreigners were interested in finding the grave of Genghis Khan. The people of Mongolia do not want to find the grave of Genghis Khan. There is a big reason for this as well. It has been said that if Genghis Khan’s grave is dug, the world will be destroyed. People had also seen its example. That is why in his heart, Vaham has cemented his place.

Nazi troops drove the Soviet Union in 1941 when the tomb of the fourteenth-century Turkish-Mongolian ruler Timur Lung was opened in the Soviet Union. In this way the Soviet Union also became involved in the second world war. That is why he did not want Genghis Khan’s grave to be opened. Some experts consider it a blessing for Mongolians for Genghis Khan. According to him, since Genghis Khan himself did not want anyone to remember him. So people are still respecting his wish today.

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Mongolians are traditionalists

Mongolians have been very conservative. They respect their elders even after they have passed, in the same way as they used to live. Even today, people who consider themselves descendants of Genghis Khan keep a picture of Genghis Khan in their homes.

For those who wanted to find Genghis Khan’s grave, this task was not easy. Genghis Khan’s picture is found either on old coins or on vodka bottles. There is no other mark that has helped them. Mongolia is such a big country that seven countries like Britain can come in it. Now, finding a nameless grave in such a big country is like finding a special fish from the sea. Above all, Mongolia is a backward country. There are no paved roads in many areas. The population is also small.

In the 90s, Japan and Mongolia began working on a joint project to find Genghis Khan’s grave. Whose name was ‘Gurwan Gol’. Under this project, research started in the city of Khenti, which is considered as the place of Genghis Khan’s birth.

But during the same year, there was a democratic revolution in Mongolia. After which Communist rule came to an end and democratic rule was established. The ‘Gurwan Gol’ project was also stopped in the new government.

Since 2001, Dr. Dimajav Erdenbatar of Ulaanbaatar University in Mongolia has been trying to find out about the graveyards of Jingnu kings. It is believed that Jingnu king was the ancestor of Mongols. Genghis Khan himself also mentioned this. Therefore, from the graveyards of these kings, an attempt is being made to guess that Genghis Khan’s tomb will be similar to his tomb.

The tomb of the Jingnu kings is a large roomroom about 20 meters deep from the ground. In which many valuables have also been kept. These include Chinese chariots, precious metals, glass items brought from Rome. It is believed that Genghis Khan’s grave will also be enriched with similar valuables that he may have accumulated during his reign. why is the grave of Genghis Khan not found

Doctor Erdenebatore feels that the grave of Genghis Khan can hardly be searched.

Genghis Khan was buried on the peak of Burkhan Khaldun in the ‘Khenti’ hills, according to the prevalent customs in Mongolia. According to local accounts, Genghis Khan would be hiding here to avoid his enemies and he would be buried there after he died. However, many experts do not agree with this.

World Heritage City Ulaanbaatar

Sodnom Solomon, who teaches history at Ulaanbaatar University, says that Mongolians consider these hills to be sacred. But this does not mean that Genghis Khan would have been buried here. No one is allowed to go to these hills except the royal family. This area has been protected by the Mongolian government. UNESCO has also given it the status of World Heritage. But no research has been able to tell till date that it is really Genghis Khan’s grave here.

Genghis Khan was a warrior. Was abusive. Who wanted to conquer the whole world on the strength of the sword. But for the Mongolians, he was their hero. Which connected Mongolia with Eastern and Western countries. The Silk Road has a chance to flourish. He made the people of Mongolia realize religious freedom. During his reign, Mongolians introduced paper currency. Launched postal service. Genghis Khan made Mongolia such a civilized society.

The people of Mongolia take the name of Genghis Khan from Badi Izzat and Fakhr. According to him, if Genghis Khan himself wanted people to remember him even after his death, he would not make any will. If he wanted, someone would have left his sign. This is the reason why Mongolians do not want their grave to be searched now. What has been lost somewhere in the mist of time.




why is the grave of Genghis Khan not found

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