A martyr soldier who is still on duty Baba Harbhajan Singh

A martyr soldier who is still on duty Baba Harbhajan Singh

Baba Harbajan Singh

Can a soldier do his duty even after death? Can the soldier’s soul perform his duty and protect the country’s border? You all may find this question strange. How can you say that is possible? But if you ask the people of Sikkim and the soldiers stationed there, they will say that this has been happening continuously for the last 45 years. All of them believe that the soul of “Baba Harbhajan Singh”, a soldier of Punjab Regiment, has been continuously protecting the border of the country for the last 45 years.

The soldiers say that the soul of ‘Baba Harbhajan Singh‘ already warns them of every threat from China. And if Indian soldiers do not like any moment of Chinese soldiers, then they tell about it to Chinese soldiers beforehand. So that the matter does not get spoiled and it can be resolved through the conversation. Whether you believe it or not, the Chinese soldiers themselves believe in it. And that’s why in every ‘flag meeting’ between India and China, an empty chair named Harbhajan Singh is put up so that he can attend the meeting.

Baba Harbhajan Singh Story
Friends now know who was ‘Baba Harbhajan Singh’? Baba Harbhajan Singh was born on 30 August 1946 in district Gujarawala. Which is currently in Pakistan. Harbhajan Singh was a soldier of the Punjab Regiment on 24 May, enlisted in the Indian Army in 1966. And was killed in an accident in Sikkim in 1968 after working for only 2 years. And even after searching for 3 days, when his body was not found, he himself came in his partner’s dream and told the place of his word. In the morning, when a troop of soldiers went out to find his body, his body was found exactly where Baba Harbhajan Singh had told. A martyr soldier

He was later cremated with full state honors. After this miracle of Baba Harbhajan Singh, his faith in fellow soldiers increased. And they gave their building as a temple. However, later, when his miracles began to grow and became the center of faith of a large crowd, a new temple was built for him. Which is known as ‘Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple’. The temple is situated at an altitude of 13000 feet between ‘Jelepla Pass and Nathu La Pass’. The old temple is situated 1000 feet higher than this. A photo of Baba Harbhajan Singh and his belongings is kept inside the temple.

Baba Harbhajan Singh has been continuously performing his duty since his death even today. For this, they are also paid salaries. Even today he has a rank in the army. They are also promoted as per rules. Even a few years ago, he was also sent to the village on a leave of 2 months. For this, seats in the train were reserved, and with 3 soldiers all their belongings were sent to their village. And on completion of 2 months, it was brought back to Sikkim. During the 2 months Baba was on leave, the entire border was on high alert. Because at that time the soldiers could not get Baba’s help. But Baba Harbhajan Singh’s departure and return from Sikkim was taking the form of a religious event, in which a large number of people started gathering.

Some people considered this event to be a boost to superstition. That is why he approached the court. Because any kind of superstition is forbidden in the army. So the army stopped sending Baba on leave. Now Baba Harbhajan Singh stays on leave for 12 months of the year. There is also a room of Baba in the temple, in which beds are cleaned and planted daily. Baba’s army uniform and shoes are kept. It is said that after cleaning every day, there are muds and folds on the sheets in their shoes.

The temple of Baba Harbhajan Singh is the center of faith of both soldiers and people. Every new soldier visiting this area first goes to Baba’s temple to pay obeisance. A peculiar belief among the people about this temple is that if the water is kept in a bottle for 3 days, then the water has miraculous medicinal properties. People’s diseases disappear by drinking that water. That’s why the name of the bottles written in this temple remains. This water is used within 21 days, but the consumption of non-vegetarian and alcohol is prohibited during this time.

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A martyr soldier

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