7 mysterious places in the world where you are not allowed to go

7 mysterious places in the world where you are not allowed to go

7 mysterious places in the world

Friends, today we will talk about 7 places where any human being is forbidden. There are many amazing secrets hidden behind them. So let’s know about these interesting secrets.

“Snake Island” of Brazil

Located about 33 kilometers from Sao Paulo, a Brazilian city, an island where humans are strictly forbidden. The name of this place is Snake Island. It is a small Ireland, replete with the world’s most poisonous snakes. The island is home to about 4000 snakes. Friends, this world’s most poisonous snake “Golden Lens Head” is also found here. It is said that this snake can kill 50 people with 1 gram of its poison. Due to thousands of such poisonous snakes, it is very dangerous for a human to go here. A light house was built on this island in Brazil in 1909. So that water vessels can be kept away from this island. A family was looked after by this light house. But unfortunately this family also came in the grip of snakes here and all the family members were found dead. After which the state government fully automated this light house. And closed this island to humans forever.

Aokigahara Japan

Located in the foothills of Mount Fuji, Japan and “Okigahara” also known as Suicide Forest and “Sea of ​​Trees”. This forest is Japan’s most famous suicide site. There have been many incidents of mass suicide at this place. In 2003, 105 dead bodies were removed from this place. Because of these murders the forest is also called ghostly. Apart from this, there have been incidents of looting in this forest. But till date no one has seen these robbers. Another secret of this forest is that here any kind of modern equipment like mobile GPS compass etc. does not work.

Area 51

mysterious places in the world

Area 51 is located in the southern part of the United States of Navada. The government there claims to have only one airport base at this place. This place was created by the United States Air Force in 1995 for testing aircraft. While the US military claims the site is used to research new and high-tech aircraft manufacturing, on the other hand many people say that the crashed UFO is housed here. And here UFO and Alien are being used. Aerospace engineer “Vaud Bushman” who worked for a long time on the Area 51 project. He shared some photos. The thing seen in the photo does not look like humans at all. A video of the Alien autopsy surfaced, which further exposes the “Vaud Bushman” revelations. Many such interesting stories are very famous about Area 51. We will tell you about this in detail in the next post.

Moscow Metro Two (Moscow Metro-2)

The underground metro rail system in Moscow city of Russia is named “Moscow Metro Two”. This metro line was built by Joseph Staling. And it was also named B6. The length of Metro Two is more than the public network of Moscow. Who built this metro line by Joseph Staling at a depth of 50 to 200 meters from the ground. So that the service of this metro can be used in an emergency. It connects the metro railway line resident office with important places. Joseph Staling had built this railway line with the purpose of moving from one place to another to avoid the Nucilar attack.

Sentinel Island

Sentinel Island is located in the Andaman and Nicobar Deep Group of India. This island is one of the most beautiful Ireland in India. But no human can go on this island, because the St. Nile tracks live here. These are the only people in the world who are still living the life of stone yoga. People from outside do not like visiting this island at all. Because of which it is difficult and dangerous to reach Ireland. Every attempt made to contact them has not failed. Because whenever someone comes around this island, these people attack them with arrows and spears. And treat them the same way that people do with their victims.

mysterious places in the world

Poveglia Island

Friends, there is a small island named Poveglie Island in the Venetian lagoon of Italy. In 1348, the Robonic Plague was widespread in Italy and Venice. At that time the island was used to keep and burn dead bodies of sick and dead people. In 1630, once again the disease called black type spread. And once again this place was used as a morgue. The place was renovated in 1922 AD. And a hospital was built here, but after a few days the news of this place being haunted came out. The place was once again closed due to the fear of wandering souls of people spread by the plague.

Coca-Cola formula

You all must have enjoyed the taste of Coca Cola. But don’t you ever get into the mind that what is the secret of this delicious recipe? So you will be surprised to know that Kokokola has kept this recipe secret till date. Coco Cola Vault which is located in Atlanta. Also called Vault Top Secret Formula. The secret formula of Cococola has been maintained at this place for 125 years. Apart from the main two, three people working in Cocoa Cola, no one else is aware of this secret formula. Friends, you can go inside it by paying a hefty amount. But you will not be able to reach this mysterious recipe of Kokokola.

mysterious places in the world


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