3 most dangerous jails in history

3 most dangerous jails in history


Prison walls are like two sides of the coin, on one side of which the world moves at the speed of its own speed, the same time this time of the wall stops. But this is the name of the jail, which makes the prisoners realize their mistake. Friends, now the prisoners have to spend time till their release. But history has been very cruel on these prisoners.

Where this prisoner release is far away, he used to give up his life. The prisoners used to wait, only to die, which could relieve them from this painful life. Friends, this post of ours today is about such a ruthless prison (jail) of history, whose torture means knowing that the soul of any human being can tremble.

Death Coffins: Mongolia


Mongolia, a country of East Asia that lies in the middle of Russia and China, used to torture its prisoners in such a way that the soul can tremble by thinking about it. Until the early 20th century, prisoners in this country were imprisoned in a box of 3/4 fit as punishment. In which the prisoner could neither sit properly nor lie down. In Purkaji, present in Mongolia, millions of such prisoners tortured and let go.

Where those people were imprisoned in these boxes. These 3/4 boxes, known as Death Coffins, were created to punish the saying, but in reality it was a means of death like its name. After leaving, no one was released until he gave up his life.

A small hole of about 6 inches which used to be food. At the same time, the feces and urine carried by the prisoners were not cleaned from this box for several weeks. Even after so much torture, if any kindness was given to these prisoners, it was that these people can live in these boxes under the open sky in the winter season of their own free will.

So that they can die due to falling mercury (temperature). Perhaps in the last moments of his life, giving his life under the open sky would have been far better than rotting in this hell. 3 most dangerous jails in history

Memertine Prison: Rome


It is believed that the Emperor of ancient Rome ‘Ankus Marces’ first started the practice of punishing. And in 640 BC, a prison was also built for sentencing, which we know today as ‘Memetine Prison’. It was not a prison surrounded by four walls under an open sky, but an underground sewer.

The depth of which was about 6.30 feet, and the length was 30 feet. Stools and urine flowed through this drain of about 22 feet width. Where the prisoners had to stay till the hearing of their sentence. If there was a fate in front of the king, then for many days, the hungry and thirsty prisoners would die in this drain itself.

It is believed that the hearing was an excuse, in fact, the real reason for the existence of this prison was to give death to the prisoners. So that the entire regime remembers that anyone who tries to violate the law may have to face such cruel tortures.

This drain was built as a prison in such a way that whoever died inside it, their bodies themselves would drift through a doorway and go far away. Well, the Memetine Prison was converted into a church today. But in that era of BC, it may have painstakingly killed many prisoners.

Andersonville: Civil War

American Civil War, a civil war that overthrew centuries of slavery, and enslaved millions of slaves to live and live freely. But the journey till this morning of freedom from slavery was not so easy. Friends, the thought that took the form of revolution and rebelled its own citizens.

In this war which lasted from 1861 to 1865, those who stood in protest against slavery were arrested. The sacrifice of these people was not limited to imprisonment, as the prison in which they were imprisoned was named ‘Anderson Merger’. A prison that might have a better place than hell.

Friends, historians tell of this prison, that during this war the Anderson merger was filled with prisoners 4 times more than its capacity. Where there was no arrangement for the prisoners to eat. Even those people used to do the same. Some died of hunger and thirst, and the remaining prisoners were subjected to lethal disease.

Many articles were also written on these terrible circumstances of the Anderson merger, where those detainees were even described as a living corpse.

Friends, the war ended and the culprits were also prosecuted, but these prisoners could never get justice. And these people were no longer alive to celebrate the freedom they gained from slavery.

3 most dangerous jails in history

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