1972 A Plane Crash in which only few person lived by eating other dead body flesh for several days

1972 A Plane Crash in which only few person lived by eating other peoples flesh for several days

1972 Plane Crash

They say that no one can beat those whose spirits are elevated, not even death. In fact, there have been many accidents in history in which the survivors have had to face very adverse circumstances to live. One such incident occurred in 1972 in the icy mountains of the Andes. In which the survivors had to live for 72 days without food in those snowy mountains. His injured comrades had to be seen dying in front of their eyes. Even to live, the corpses of our own people had to be eaten.

In history, this accident is known as the 1972 Andes flight disaster or the Miracle of the Andes. This accident is also known for the enthusiasm of two players from the Old Christian Club rugby union team of Uruguay’s Old Christian Club who showed the spirit of not giving up until the end. He not only defeated death but also saved the lives of 14 people. 1972 A Plane Crash

This tragic accident took place on 13 October 1972 and the victim was the rugby team of Uruguay’s Old Christian Club. The team was going to play matches in Santiago, Chile. The Uruguay Air Force plane was passing over the Andes Mountains along with the players and officials of the team along with their family and friends. There were a total of 45 people on the plane.

Shortly after takeoff, the weather started getting worse. The pilot could not see anything in the white snowy mountains of the Andes. The weather was bad and the pilot saw a potential danger. At an altitude of 14 thousand feet, the pilot missed his position and in an instant the aircraft crashed into a peak in the Andes Mountains. The aircraft which was talking to the air sometime back got lost in the burning Andes mountain the second moment.

18 people died in this horrific accident. The rest of the 27 people survived, but life was proving to be worse than death for them in the midst of the Andes’ sputtering snow. Do not eat anything else and only snow is far and wide.

The Uruguay government reacted as soon as the accident was reported and a rescue operation was started, but finding it on the snow-covered white Andes was the equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack because the plane was white in color. The 11-day rescue operation was called off after failure for 10 consecutive days. Because everyone believed that it is not possible for anyone to survive for so many days without food and water in the Andes odd weather.

On the other hand, some of the remaining 27 people were injured and died. The remaining people divided the food available with them into small parts so that it could last for more days. To overcome the water shortage, he removed a piece of metal from the plane that could be heated very quickly in the sun. Then placing ice on it, melted it and started collecting water. This solved their water problem completely, but the food was finished in a few days. When there was no way out in the end, these people started eating the pieces of their comrades in pieces.

These survivors, who died in one stroke, were now moving towards an unbearable end. Only 16 people were left alive, 60 days after the accident. If there was no hope of help, the two players involved in this fate, Nando Parrado and Robert Canessa, thought that dying here is good to find help, however it is a very difficult task. Was. Both bodies were weakened within 60 days, they did not have enough means to track the snow. But both were players and the players have the courage to not give up till the end. The same spirit worked for both the players and they started tracking to help in the same opposite situations.

Paredo and Kenessa trekked for 12 days, showing great courage. To the end, both players had the courage to give up and eventually both reached the populated area of ​​Chile, defeating the Andes Mountains, where they both told the rescue team the location of their teammates. In this way, both these players not only won the battle of life but also proved to be a boon for their teammates. Parodo has also given the appearance of a book to this entire accident and his struggle. Pierce Paul Reid wrote a book Alive in 1974 on this horrific incident, on which director Frank Marshall also made a film in 1993. 1972 A Plane Crash

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