11 most mysterious books of India

11 most mysterious books of India

Mysterious Books

This is our secret India, not knowing how many wonderful things and secrets are included in its pride. Some are known from ancient books and scriptures, but some are so mysterious and wonderful, that it is impossible to catch a single drop. Friends, the description of these mysteries is recorded in our scriptures, Puranas and historical books. But think of the books that reveal the mystery, if that book was mysterious then yes friends, today we will tell you in this post about the 10 most mysterious and ancient books of India… Top 10 Mystery Books India in Hindi Whose knowledge is amazing is unimaginable. After reading the knowledge of these books, it seems that who would have composed these books, how ancient are these books, why the books were made, after all, we will tell you all these things in this post today ..

1. Lal Kitab
There is more knowledge of Lal Kitab than Bhrigu Samhita. It is said that in very ancient times, there was a voice from the sky that if you do this, there will be happiness in life, if you do bad, punishment will be prepared for you. We have calculated everything of yours next. It is said that people used to remember these AIRs and used to recite them from generation to generation. Later, the knowledge received by these mysterious AIR was scripted by some people. When Rupchand ji wrote it in 1939 AD, he says that he had received a Padu script from Himachal. He had then translated the Padu script which is well versed in astrology. He knows that the Lal Kitab is a text of the traditional ancient schools of astrology. This learning extends to the remote areas of Himalayas in Uttaranchal and Himachal. Later it spread from Punjab to Afghanistan. Later, during the British period, after collecting scattered sources of this knowledge, Pandit Roopchand Joshi, resident of Jalandhar, published a book called Lal Kitaban Farman on 1939 AD. This book had a total of 383 pages. Friends, you agree or not, but if you understand this book by reading, then surely your mind will not be the same.

2. Ravana Samhita
It is said that in the Ravana Samhita composed by Ravana, there is all such information related to astrology, Ayurveda and Tantra which is considered infallible. This book is very ancient and no one can give authenticity of its origin in today’s time. Just as fake books are found in the name of Lal Kitab, in the same way fake Ravana Samhita is also found in the name of Ravana Samhita. But it is also said that one of the precepts of Ravana Samhita is preserved in Guru Naliya, a village in Deoria district in Devanagari script. It is said that in the book Ravana composed, Shiva is the Tandava source and Ravana Samhita is prominent. Lankapati Ravana had obtained all this wonderful knowledge from Arun, the charioteer of Surya.11 most mysterious books of India

3. Ashtadhyayi and Yoga Sutras
The first grammar book of the first language in the world written by Parini is Ashtadhyayi which dates back to 500 BC. There are total 8 chapters in this book hence it is called Ashtadhyayi. It is said that after understanding all these Yogasutras, the knowledge that you will get will not be found in any other grammar books of the world. Because this knowledge is pure. There is a detailed text of Mahamuni Katyan on this book of Parini. And in this way Patanjali wrote the epic text Mahabhashya on this book. Ashtanga yoga is discussed in the Yogasutra itself. This Ashtanga yoga is the essence of the scriptures of all religions of the world and all kinds of philosophies of the world, which is the fruit of salvation. Top 10 Mystery Books India in Hindi

4. Upanishads
The Friends Upanishad dates back to around 1008, but only 108 of them are the main ones. Friends Upanishad is the essence of the Vedas. Many interesting supernatural and mysterious things have been said in it. Which will change your thinking by reading, which will also change your view of the world.

5. Discordant twenty five
We are all aware of the story of Betal Pachisi which is one of the most popular stories in India. These stories of Betal twenty five make us realize the justice power of King Vikramaditya. In which Betal tells a story daily to King Vikramaditya and finally asks the king a question that the king has to answer. Betal has placed a condition with the king that if the king speaks, he will get angry with the king and hang on to the tree again. But despite knowing that the king does not remain silent when questions arise. It is considered to be India’s first Ghost Story. It is believed that the source of the story of Betal Pachisi is given to a book called Barkaha, composed by Gunadhya, the minister of King Satavahana. Which was said to have been composed in 495 BC or written in an old and ancient language. And there were 7 lakh verses in it, today no part of it is received anywhere. Top 10 Mystery Books India in Hindi

6. Air Science
Vimana Shastra is a mysterious book written by Rishi Bharadwaj. The technique of aircraft making which he has mentioned in this book has started to be practiced in modern era also. Sage Bharadwaja composed the Brihad Granth called Yantra Sarvasya. And some part of this book was published by Swami Bramha Muni in the name of Vimana Shastra. It is said that in this divine book, there is a description of the creation of various metals that move at high and low levels.

7. Earth Sciences
A 250-year-old book called Parda Vigyan has been found in Niraman district of Himachal. There are many mysteries hidden in this 1052 page book. Only the Nation Manuscript Mission can tell about this, research is being done on this book. The ancient book of chemistry of mercury science, in which perhaps all the information of Ayurveda Tantra astrology will be available.

8. Vigyan Bhairav ​​Tantra
If searched, you will find thousands of books on Tantra Shastra but the most proven and effective book is Vigyan Bhairava Tantra. Who wrote this book remains a mystery. It is said that this book came into existence through the dialogue of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. In this book, questions are asked by Bhairavi Tantra Devi Parvati and Lord Shankar answers it. In which many secrets are said in relation to the secret disciplines, which you will be surprised to read.11 most mysterious books of India

9. Maritime Science
The main is the study of Samudra Shastra Mukha Mandal and the study of the whole body, this learning has been followed since Vedic period. It is a mysterious scripture which opens up the entire character and future of man. This scripture was born in 5000 BC in India. In which sages Parashar, Vyasa, Bharadwaja, Bhrigu, Kashyapa, Jupiter, Katyayana etc. Maharishi discovered this knowledge. It is also said that Greek scholar NX Gorus taught this scripture in 423 BCE. This scripture was also presented to the great Alexander. 11 most mysterious books of India

10. Rasratnakar and Rasendra Mangal
In this book very secret secrets about chemistry are revealed. In this, the distillation method of obtaining mercury from ore sew bar is described in the description of metallic work of silver and the method of obtaining many types of acids and salts from vegetation. Methods of extracting and purifying the raw metals of silver, gold, tin and copper are also described in this book. The most mysterious thing in this is that it also describes the method of making gold.

11. Atharvaveda
The Atharvaveda is a very mysterious book which describes such teachings that you will not believe even after listening to them. It is said that if a conspirator has hurt you by seeing something or by some other remedy, then you can remember a demigod while remaining in meditative state and get an idea of ​​what vicious cycle is happening against you. Many of us have heard the name of Reiki lore, which we consider to be Japanese lore. But the cadre education that was known to the Upanishad Yogesh Gaaniwan. The same sage was the rack sage. The Rishi Rishi adopted the technique of receiving energy directly from the ascent.

There is also an expansion of hypnosis in the Atharvaveda. Hypnosis was called Pran Vidya or Trikal Vidya in ancient lore. Some people also call it Mohini and Vashikaran Vidya. Such hypnotism is called in English. All this knowledge is stored in our Atharvaveda. Earlier, this sage used to attain sage and salvation by Indian sages. But when this knowledge got into the hands of the wrong people, then through it, they made black magic a means of getting people into the bus. Friends, following the scriptures of our India, other countries wrote these in their own way and exposed these mysterious teachings in the name of their country. But whatever their origin is, it is the Vedas of our India. In our Vedas and Puranas of India, all the temporal and otherworldly things are written, following which all the duality of our mind will be erased. 11 most mysterious books of India

Friends, it has always been our endeavor to tell you the important things from the Veda Purana of our India, so that you will feel that our India was complete in all respects, is complete and will continue to be perfect.

Our post to you is “10 most mysterious books of India. Top 10 Mystery Books India ”How was it, tell us through your comment. Thank you

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